Poetic Agent of Romance AKA Batman.

Today I christen you as the bearer of my truths.
As my bearer, I only require understanding for my every issue and every rift.
For every season to come, to every mood that may shift.
An extension of my heart, a nominated friend, with the unbiased to hear me, from beginning to end.
This day, tomorrow, the next day and the rest, I shall now sensor myself, even when not at my best.
My inspirations are wild & can be diverse, so as my recorder of contemplation, be prepared for my greatest and worst.

Hello everybody, some of you have migrated over from Myspace and Facebook, so thank you. For those newbies however, I go by the name of Show’Chi and I love to write. I write poetry, shorts stories, freelance journalism and can put together a mean parody news story.

Showtorious is my spoken word name, as well as my tribute to street lyricism and love for the stage. I’ve been lowkey into acting and stage work since high school and realized my lyrical acumen (the poetic side) about 5 years ago. Since, I’ve completed a book of poetry called Showmanticism Vol 1:  The Hopeful Romantic, which will be published when I’m good and ready, and have started my second book, Showlucinations. I’ve also outlined ideas for books three and four, which will likely be novels.  You can think of me what the lovechild of Mayo Angelou and the Notorious B.I.G. would have been, had their styles ever been merged.

Things you should know about me…

Don’t ask me my government name, cause it’s a long story.

I live in Las Vegas, and contrary to many people’s beliefs, we all don’t live in Casinos out here.

Yes, I get VIP’s to certain nightspots here and no I’m not going to hook you up when you come to town. I earned my VIP status, and you should too. Besides, what’s the point of going to Vegas and NOT getting raped on your budget? What kind of cheap tourist are you? You’re supposed to be stimulating my local economy, not looking for free shit as soon as you step foot off the plane at McCarran Airport!

Yeah, I’m fucking with you. I’m the real though, I used to promote clubs in Vegas, so I know a few people, and am part owner of Mcfadden’s in the Rio. Don’t believe me? Ask my crew, the  Justice League.

Yeah, I said it… the Justice League. Did I mention I’m also Batman?  Get a few drinks in me and maybe I’ll tell you the origin story of the Justice League of Las Vegas, the secret society of Superfriends who, no matter where we go are always the life of the party.

So much for secret identities though, huh?

This is actually fun…. I missed blogging. Hopefully, we can gather here more often and I can get to know you more as well as share more of my personality with you. My email, yes… showtorious@gmail.com. I also use the chat feature on there, so don’t be shy, I don’t bite unless you ask me… and with my girl’s approval.

Getting married on October 15th, 2011… sorry ladies, however I am way cool with being that dude friend in your life who will be break the code and tell you all the ill shit that dudes aren’t supposed to tell women about other dudes. Of course, I get along with females way better than guys, so I don’t really care about breaking the caveman code if it means bringing a smile to the face of a deserving lady.

You see… I’m an agent of romance. That’s what I do. I give advice and straight answers from a straight male perspective. Some of my friends have even encouraged me to write a book about relationships because A.) I understand women, B.) I write pretty well, so they say, and C.) Steve Harvey and that jackass who wrote He’s Just Not That Into You… or King Kong for the matter don’t have shit on me!

I’m from the camp that women should be cherished, not toyed with… if these other cats have something to say, hey, fuck em! No, no literally. Notice I said women, not hood rats. Better known as HOES!

Like I said though. Nice to meet you, please come back and read some more, send me emails and I promise when I’m on Oprah talking about how my online presence is very important you can say you knew me BEFORE the money, and before I forgot about you. I’m kidding again by the way.
Karaoke time, deuces spawns… I’m about to make Bobby Brown spin in his grave!
Oh wait. Um, nevermind.


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