Common Sense In Las Vegas

Promoting Common Sense in Las Vegas

If you ever pick up a piece of literature advertising the glory that is Sin City, the primary focus of the content is always about the fabulous nightlife. It’s always about the hot new club that costs $40 for guys to get in, but ladies are always free (until midnight that is, unless you‘re dressed like a whore and/or are willing to blow the lead bouncer in the restroom for entry). It’s always about the celebrity jackass who did something stupid on TV (usually on MTV, looking at YOU Jersey Shore cast) ‘hosting’ a night at these clubs, yet you (the average, non groupie consumer) never get a chance to shake their hand or have a dance with them. You just get to watch them drink a complimentary bottle of Cristal, while you pretend to be a baller, forcing yourself to smile while counting your change just after dishing out $300 for a $25 bottle of Skyy Vodka and some damn cranberry and orange juice.

It may have sounded like a boss move to make that night, and you may have gotten the attention of other shallow company seekers, but just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean you have to leave your intelligence card at home.

The people need to be put on game, for real.

It is for this reason that I always wanted to start my own Las Vegas oriented web site. Instead of focusing nearly exclusively on Vegas nightlife, my goal would be to emphasize the coolness of what Las Vegas has to offer before 9pm, as well as the obvious night scene, but my primary emphasis will be how to visit Vegas not push common sense aside.

Common sense case in point… our pool party situation. Vegas is quickly becoming pool party paradise. What better way to relax in 90+ degree weather than poolside, while sipping on a cool, exotic cocktail? The average visitor will immediately jump to the obvious, REHAB!!! Yeah, they’re on TV, it must be hot… and you’re right. REHAB is crazy fun, but how to execute your REHAB experience is what you really need to know.

No disrespect companies making their money where they can, but who with common sense wants to PAY to sit down on Sunday at the very same pool that just two days prior to this potentially expensive afternoon offered a FREE concert and FREE drinks with NO cover charge? No bullshit, the good people at, the hosts of these free events, can vouch for the validity of my statement.

Attending one of these so-called ULTRA pools on a regularly advertised weekend is highway robbery and not to mention VERY intimidating for someone to visit if they aren’t stereotypically the model type, which some of these establishments tend to discriminate against.

HOWEVER, for just a few extra minutes of their time, they can visit a pool just as lavish with less intrusive security, more friendly staff, cheaper (and in most cases BETTER) refreshments and *gasp* the ability to bring your own bottle, if needed.

Not to take anything away from George, the flare bartender at Harrah’s, but why can’t we shine some light on Jacob, the cat who works at Train Wrecks off Decatur, who doesn’t do flare antics, but would OWN George as far as making a quality Long Island Iced Tea and for a third of the cost. Did I also mention there’s no dress code in most places off strip and the music is often a lot better?

People need to know about these places.

Unlike NY, LA or Miami, Las Vegas not a naturally expensive town. You just need to know where to go to have your “VEGAS EXPERIENCE” and not be a damn fool when it comes to your party budget. Tourism is down because the perception of Vegas is that we’re a 5 star resort city with a crazy Nightlife and with crazy Nightlife comes with crazy spending. This is true, especially if you’re trying to have the “VEGAS EXPERIENCE” that they show on TV. Truthfully though, besides hotel expenses, I can show you how to have a GREAT weekend in Vegas for under $200.

Don’t believe me? Well, this is a gambling town. Bring your $200 and put your money where your mouth is… I do every weekend, except when I do, I’m eating food with my money, as opposed to eating shit.

Rock with me!


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