*Grand Gestures*

On my horse and carriage, white knighted out.
My destiny with you is what I’m about.
I have 6 dozen roses, and a heart full of adoration.
To re-sweep you off your feet is my supreme motivation.
It’s not about dreams; it’s about what’s real.
I don’t believe in settling, this is how I feel.
I’m heading your way with blue box from Tiffany.
I was going to let you go, and then I had an epiphany.
I need you to live, I need to breathe.
What we had was enchanting, magical indeed.
So please hear me out, feel your intuition.
If I was right there, right now, would there be a competition?
It’s not about me; it’s about what you really want.
I won’t continue to be quiet, so this is my response.
I love you with my complete heart and soul.
Marriage, kids, and family, with you is my goal.
The absolute truth is what I just stated.
This diamond is a symbol, and the ring is not plated.
Down on one knee, I’m begging you to choose.
Happily ever after with me, or with ‘just another dude.’
No disrespect, cause I don’t know this cat.
Flipside of that thought, do you see where I’m at?
Tell me the truth, do you love me too?
I think you’re just settling, based on the clues.
I’m here, right here, with tears in my eye.
Look me right in the face, you know I never cry.
Just give me an answer, show me a sign.
This isn’t rocket science, it’s accept or decline.
No more excuses; I’ve killed off the distance.
Marry me baby, and tell him good riddance.


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