*Seasons Duel*

His gusting terror trespasses through the atmosphere,
Remnants from the not so distant memory of this incarnation old man Frost.
Spring wishes for independence and stabilization,
Yet her predecessor refuses to fade into oblivion.
Let this be the end, she demands with the firmness given to her by her mother.
No more severity, only compromise, please.
The specter of the December solstice refuses to yield.
A deal, I say.
Let us speak of a deal, as I ponder my position, as I give my lee too your way.
My days are much longer as I prepare early for my fade.
As Summer shall rise and my eclipse is full made.
Confusion strikes me, why do you not listen, for you have a full quadrant to freeze and torture and glisten.
Very well my friend, my brother, my foe. You may stay in some capacity, but soon you shall go.
Our sibling looms in the months that are coming, a deal must be made between him and I as well.
For his burden is greater, brighter and more hostile. Never a full life for me; no, it’s not possible.
So I will stand back in my position and allow you to wear out your welcome.
For when he rises, you will be forgotten, and may Mother Nature help him.


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