Made for Each Other (The Octomom Love Letter)

It’s okay baby girl; let them other people hate.
I will never disrespect you; I would like to be your mate.
I’d like to get to know you; I think we could be great.
Let’s have some more babies, create another eight.
I’ll be your CFO; I’m sure the people will be livid.
But that’s a million bucks; let’s take that offer from Vivid!
I’m pretty sure with my skills, money shouldn’t be an issue.
It’s okay, dry your eyes, here’s another tissue.
I love those fake lips and nourishing breasts.
I want to touch them thick hips, girl I think they’re the best.
I know deep down you already have a plan, play it close to the chest,
But feel free to tell your man.
My sweet baby girl, with 14 seeds; it’ll be at least 22 if she messes with me.
She already doesn’t work, but she’ll be my cash cow.
We got her loans and her WIC, man forget a wedding vow!
Let’s call ABC News and invite their whole team.
Let’s get a Home Makeover, take it to the Extreme!
It’s going to be a good life, just me and my Nadya.
She’s like Anglina Jolie, with bootleg purses by Pradya.
I’ll never leave my girl; as long as the checks keep coming.
She’s a marketing genius, so I’ll never be bumming.
Lay down baby girl; let’s start on our next litter.
If we make 30 kids, we’ll never be bitter.


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