MELINA – Warning: Adult Content

It was a mild Spring afternoon in Las Vegas when I met Melina for the first time. I had been speaking to her through email and text messages for several months beforehand and finally decided to take the first step in solidifying a real life friendship with her.
I’d been working for a local night club promotions company, so when selecting a public place to meet I took into account the atmosphere in which I would do so. Mind you, I had no intentions of being anything but just friends with her.  So when I offered to meet her while working on the oft impersonal Las Vegas Strip, I had no idea what kind of effect good conversation and the surprisingly seductive ambiance would have on her female emotions and my male instincts. We met at Harrah’s, a centrally located casino on the strip, surrounded by venues such as the Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, the Flamingo and Bellagio.
I pulled into a parking spot on the seventh floor of Harrah’s garage and began counting out club passes to load into my satchel for the work day. A few minutes later, a black Cadillac Escalade pulled up beside me. I knew it was her. I straightened my collar out, closed up my loaded bag and slipped my work shoes on in preparation to meet my new friend.
I stepped out of my Grand Am and waited by her door. Her blackout windows made it impossible to really get a good look at her, so I patiently waited. 20 seconds later, the driver’s side door opened and I caught my first glimpse. Her petite foot slid out of the door first. She has freshly painted French tipped toes, and wore brown open toed sandals. She stood about 5’3 and was perfectly thick from the ground up. She wore beige pedal pusher pants and a purple shirt, which perfectly accentuated her perfect 42 double D breasts. Her hair was reddish brown and her lips were thin, yet full at the same time. She wore a light gloss on them, which was one of my weaknesses when it came to women.  She also had big beautiful brown eyes that were hard not to become enchanted with upon contact.
“So, you must be…” she commented as I silenced her with my embrace. We hugged it out and then commenced our trek into forever.
As we walked through the Harrah’s resort, I felt there was some chemistry present, but just couldn’t put my mind on that particular level of friendship. I had just come out of a complicated short term relationship and I didn’t really care to pry about her current status. All I knew was for that day, at that very moment, it was just me and her: friends.
Hungry, and too distracted mentally to carry out my promotional duties, we slowly made our way across the street to the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. They had just finished a multimillion dollar renovation, and given my occupation I thought it would be a nice place to get familiar with, take a walk through and have a snack while we continued our conversation.
At the furthest depth of the mall lies one of my favorite restaurants, the Cheesecake Factory. It’s one of my favorites not so much for the overrated dinner cuisine but for it’s namesake, the cheesecake! In some cultures I’m pretty sure that cheesecake is considered an aphrodisiac, but I digress.  That said, we decided to eat there. With great cheesecake however, sometimes comes a great wait. It was about a 15-25 minute wait before we could be seated.
Just outside the restaurant is an indoor aquarium that is built onto the rear of a theatrical statue show in the Forum Shops. It also doubled as a mall bench for those who waited for a seat at Cheesecake Factory. Melina and I made our way to the aquarium bench and had a seat. Our conversation was fluid and insightful. We spoke about work, our future goals, where we’d like to visit and even our dream house. At this point, I wasn’t sure which of my senses was stimulated more, my mind or my body, which was subtly excited by the quality of our outing. I had the inkling that she may had wanted to kiss me, but as a gentleman who was just looking for a friend, I continued to drift my eyes out of direct contact with hers and avoided fantasizing about her lips at all costs. The last thing I wanted her to think that I was some kind of pervert looking for a piece of ass on what was supposed to be merely a friendly meet.
We continued our conversation under the oceanic lights of the aquarium. There were miniature sharks and manta rays swimming around us, schools of goldfish gliding by. Melina even pointed out a clownfish that resembled Nemo from Disney fame. It was just a good time all around, then our eyes connected. My hand touched her knee, and she placed her hand over mine. The moment that I had hoped to avoid was about to happen. We leaned toward each other, lips partially opened, necks turning gently in opposite directions… then our moment was halted by the buzzing of our table-ready paging device; a timely interruption indeed. We quickly calmed our lustful inhibitions, exhaled and made our way to the podium to be seated.
One we sat down, Melina expressed to me that she wasn’t really hungry, but suggested we could split a piece of cheesecake, flavor of my choosing. I ordered old reliable, Oreo Cookies and Cream. Meanwhile, looking across the table into her eyes, I could see that she didn’t quite lose her appetite for everything.  Our connection had gone beyond the mental level, and I could tell that the night was potentially going to become more interesting.
I slowly ate bite by succulent bite, from cream cheese to crust to whipped cream. I happened to notice however, that Melina wasn’t eating any. I inquired if she wanted even a bite, and she declined, instead content on watching me take down the sweetness. I noticed her eyes watching my lips as I consumed the cheesecake from my spoon. I knew exactly where her appetite went. Taking advantage of a suddenly sexual moment, I began to eat slower. Looking directly into her eyes, I motioned my lips and tongue in a suggestive manner while eating the cheesecake from my spoon. I made sure to continue with complete eye contact. I knew how she was feeling, and I wanted to allow her to enjoy this moment as much as possible. Her mouth parted slightly as mine did while eating; her shoulders rose and fell in seemingly slow motion with every breath; it was almost as if I had omitted a pheromone, as by glancing at her now pulsating nipples through her shirt that she had entered a complete state of arousal. By that time though, she wasn’t the only one pulsating through her clothing.
After finishing dessert, we made our exit from the Forum Shops. There was almost a sense of urgency in our step as we made our way back to Harrah’s. My mind was fully engulfed into an erotic frenzy, though at the same time I knew ultimately nothing was going to happen. After all, I wasn’t that type of guy. The last thing I wanted was to overreact to a physical attraction that I really just wanted on the casual tip and potentially ruin the mental friendship connection that we had established.  I did however, begin to scroll through  my mental rolodex of potential targets whom I did not have a mental connection with, to release my juices within later that night. As I pondered that very thought however, I noticed that we were now holding hands and moving as a unit toward our vehicles; then it became clear… the mental rolodex would not be utilized that night, for Melina and I were destined to share a moment of unplanned intimacy.
Once we reached the cars, I began to hug Melina. That hug suddenly turned into a kiss, during which I caressed her perfect rear end… as I held her close, she clicked the unlock button on her truck and pressed me against the side of the vehicle. Her breasts pressed on my chest, as we kissed under the casino’s exterior lights. I held her even closer to me so that she could feel my throbbing manhood. After a couple of clothed pelvic thrusts, she back up slightly and opened the rear passenger side door, on which we were previously pressed against. She took my hand and we entered the fully tinted vehicle.
She slid in facing me with her legs over my lap as I sat in the rear passenger side seat. I took off her sandals and touched the soft sole of her foot. Knowing that there would be no time for a full toe sucking, love eating session, I shifted my focus to kissing her lips, and slowly made it down to her neck. She then removed her shirt and bra to reveal her perfect breasts. I immediately took her left silver dollar sized nipple my mouth and gave the right a firm squeeze as I sucked her massive mammary. As I slightly bit her left nipple, she arched her back in pleasure. As she did this, my right hand which was on her  right titty, found its way to the button on her pants, releasing it from its closed position. I reached below her exterior pants and into her panties, where I felt her perfectly shaved, nearly dripping wet  pussy. I slid my index and middle finger inside for just a moment. She moaned in approval. I removed my fingers, and inserted them into my mouth, so I could taste her au jus. As we watched me do that, her hands found their way into my pants. She had successfully unbuckled my belt and button to expose my fully hardened and blood pounding manhood. Without hesitation she leaned over, and kissed me one more time, before taking my dick into her mouth. It was easily the best oral sex I had ever had. She slid her mouth over me with a firm grip. As great as her lips felt on mine, they felt just as good soaking my penis down in a mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum. She stayed down there for a good while, caressing my manhood and tickling my balls but I stopped her as I didn’t want to end our night there. She wanted to cum that night. Looking into her beautiful brown eyes, I felt that she DESERVED to cum that night. I slowly pulled her mouth away from me, and pushed her backward, leaning against the opposite window. I then reached down and removed her pedal pushers completely. From there, I pulled her back into my direction and on top of my lap so that she straddled me and we could be face to face. Breathing in unison, we kissed as I slid my raw penis into her tunnel of love. I pulled her hips into me rapidly with authority to ensure she got 100% of my stroke. I felt every quiver of her soaking walls and every tremble of orgasmic bliss that she encountered. I felt her insides melt onto her thighs,  over my testicles and onto the seat of her car.  This was our moment of complete biological harmony; a mental, physical and spiritual session of spontaneous lovemaking.
All sessions however, cannot last forever… especially the great ones. As I stroked her insides with my throbbing and unprotected dick, she began a strong orgasm, that literally lasted several minutes. As she tingled and writhed upon me, I couldn’t help but to join the ecstasy. Like a sleeping volcano, I erupted and released my hot serum, uncontrollably spewing a fountain of  lust into my new friend, which in turn intensified her already rolling orgasm to new heights.
Following our simultaneous climax, I remained inside of Melina until my erection calmed to a halt. We sat in the car, smiling at one another. After we fully redressed and stepped outside to get a breath of fresh Vegas twilight air, we embraced one more time outside the rear passenger door of her car and said our goodbyes.
As I drove off, the smile remained on my face. I could not wait to be with her again; more importantly I couldn’t wait too see what the next step of our friendship evolution would be. – Thanks for reading, follow me on Twitter @Showtorious!

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