The Double Standard (Twitter Rant)

Question: Why is it okay for the homeboys to smash all the girls and their friends, but if we smash the homey we’re sluts, hoes and skanks?

Showtorious: @amy_blueyez It’s a double standard, single guys are programmed to do that kind of thing. #standbyforrant


As much as it seems like the guys get the stick end of there, it’s more to do with selection process. When a guy is single, unless he’s pursuing a relationship, the only goal in their existence is to get as much as possible. HOWEVER, guys are not in charge the majority of the time. A girl has the ultimate in selection. ANY girl can get any single man she wants to, sexually. Females hold all the power, and are typically the stronger of the sexes. When a female relinquishes that power and in the same vein, her womanhood, she becomes less than a respectful woman… thus the term a whore. WHORES don’t know how to restrain or use their powers. Females becomes whores due to a lack of self esteem. A man can be a whore as well, but aren’t deemed as such because of the double standard of how a man is perceived as ‘supposed’ to be like. That’s why they call all men dogs. Because a dog will hump anything that you throw at him. When a female does that… she’s a bitch. And nobody wants a bitch in their life. We ALL agree that a bitch is less than a woman, right? Just like a whore. It’s all about perception. Men are dogs. Females are Queens, until they relinquish their power and become whores. #feelme? Men don’t have power to begin with, this is why the double standard exists. Girls rule the world, and the double standard is a bone for the dogs. If the girl wants the bone, then they have to accept the title that goes with the bones… a bitch, whore, skank = less than a woman. (i.e. a QUEEN) A woman who holds that power however and uses it properly is the holy grail. A Queen has the ability to take a dog and magically transform him into a MAN, and eventually a KING. Of course, the man needs to be mature enough to let his dog tendencies go away. But a dog who likes to be a dog… will ALWAYS be a dog… and if a dog ain’t worth a damn and has no potential to be a KING… the Queen KNOWS this, and will leave that mutt in the pound! Good quote: “You can’t turn a Queen into a whore.”- Amy

Now here’s the kicker…. you can REFORM a whore, but it takes a PRINCE (AKA a future KING) to make that whore a lady again first before she becomes a queen. It’s a transition period in between, because we all know what??? YOU CAN’T TURN A WHORE INTO A HOUSEWIFE (Or a queen)!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is @Showtorious . Class is dismissed. #shotouts to my BFF @amy_blueyez for getting me started on today’s rant. This rant was brought to you by the Showlympic Assassins Fantasy Football Team, the letter Q for Queens rule, and the number 69.#giggity

Good thing there’s no man court. Because I sure would be court marshaled for breaking the sacred man code. Eh, I love women though, so what can ya do? *ShowChiShrug* Let me go polish my crown now… cause you all know I am a king… and I love me my Queen.

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