Know Me, Don’t Judge Me.


I offer no apologies…
I’m not rated G. I’m not Disney material, nor am I MTV.
What I am is intelligent, success driven, creative and sincere.
All I really want to do is make you smile bright, grinning from ear to ear.
I’ll do anything in my power for my family and my loves.
To the extent of giving my life willingly, or something as barbaric as throwing gloves.
I am BLESSED with great talent,  both artistic and domestic.
I’m calm, cool and collected when the world seems anarchic and  hectic.
I am far from ordinary and I’m not compromising my character or even budging.
So maybe you should get to know me first before you start your judging.
Screaming into shadows is counterproductive.
Dry shots to my character behind my back is anything but seductive.
Its not a good thing, nor is it very courageous.
Just who the hell do you think you are calling me outrageous?
With all due respect, you do not know me. No idea of my train of thought.
So for you to call me out indirectly, maybe you should have not.
It makes you look bad, like a disgruntled fan or a condescending hater.
Why not address me to my face? Why not just see me later?
Honestly, you judged me like a coward so your opinion to me isn’t worth a damn.
I respect individuals who speak up, and address me man to man.
Or fan to man, or poetry Stan who understands just who I am, I have an email address that’s pretty public
So why not just hit me fam?   
I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a hell raiser, but I talk a funny game.
I do the things I do because it’s me, Showtorious is my name.
I talk off the wall a lot and I may take a random picture.
I write on taboo subjects and I do it without stricture.
I don’t have a criminal record, I don’t do any drugs.
I LOVE my parents to infinity and I love the Lord above.
I give my art my everything because art is an extension of Show’Chi D.
So please before you spew your venom, why not just Google me?

This goes out to anyone who have ever been judged unfairly in any facet of life. Recently, I’ve been unfairly judged by someone who didn’t bother to take the time to get to know me before jumping to a conclusion about a comment I posted online and it hurt me that this conclusion was incorrectly relayed to people I love in life.

Yes, I am an artist, but FIRST AND FOREMOST I am a family man and a good law abiding citizen who uses his freedom of speech willingly NOT for hate, but for entertainment purposes. 

Had this individual addressed me as an adult, the misconstruing of a situation would never have taken place and we may have even had the opportunity to be friends. HOWEVER, I do no associate with closed minded, shallow individuals.

Whether it is due to your appearance, your status, the vehicle you drive or even an ill Facebook status that may have been taken out of context by an outsider who does not know the entire story, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU appropriately, and as long as you do right by Him and your family, everything is going to be just fine.

For those of you who do judge others without getting to know them first, I didn’t write this to disrespect you. I wrote this to address you… and hopefully you can take this as constructive criticism and check yourself on your practices; at least I’m giving you that word. You didn’t have the same respect for me.

Till next time, stay strong, stay creative and ALWAYS stay real. Peace.


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