It’s a new day; and a sun has risen in the west.
There’s flying colors in the airstreams that are screaming my success.
I’ve been through so much, through hate and true love.
I thank the Lord to this day for his guidance above.
I’m stronger today than I’ve ever been in life.
I have a lot to look forward to with plenty goals in near sight.
Relationships, friendships, they come and they go.
Regardless of the outcome, they should never leave you low.
It’s good to keep your head up, like the late Tupac stated.
Happiness can be obtained by something you created.
With a positive state of mind anything you want is achievable.
Through a relentless focus on success the possibility is feasible.
Stressful situations can be reversed rather reasonably.
All things hopeless in nature can be repaired quite easily.
You’re never given more than you can possibly handle.
Just need to keep pushing, keep burning your candle.
The word no is not definite when it comes to your goal.
Please always stay focused, and forever be hopeful.

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