*Let’s Try*

We keeping hiding our feelings and I do not know why.
We’re meant for each other, so why don’t we try?
We have great amity, and are perfectly attuned.
So why not strengthen our bond and become fully consumed.
Everyone around us thinks we’d make the best couple.
Our chemistry is insane, and our attraction’s not subtle.
Pushing away just doesn’t seem right.
Let’s finally become one, starting tonight.
I know you’re not into these soft mushy things.
But I can’t help but to vision us exchanging two rings.
What if I dropped to a knee and asked for your heart?
Should our friendship be the thing that keeps us apart?
I don’t think that together we’ll ultimately fail.
If we give it a shot, I think love would prevail.
These are my feelings, this is my plea.
Let’s give it a go friend, just you and me.

*Previously Posted on My Myspace


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