*Love Broken*

Love is a confusing encounter; an emotion of chaos.
An uncontrollable beast that is immune to a séance.
It consumes your soul, and corrupts your mind.
Thinking constantly, why can’t you just be mine?
Am I not good enough, what do you really want?
You’ve possessed my heart, and continue to haunt!
I’m sick to my stomach, and I’m always so tired.
I’m all out of whack, and may even be fired.
I keep thinking of us, but you really don’t see it.
If you want me to give up, then fuck it; so be it.
What am I saying? I’ve fallen for you.
I want to get married, share my life, have kids too.
I know what you want, but your mind is all twisted.
You keep on denying, and soon you will miss it.
I tried to fall back, now the ball’s in your court.
Go ahead break my heart; I’ll be a good sport.

*Previously posted…


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