The House of Melina – Part One *Adults Only

It had been several months since that fateful spring afternoon. Though we’d kept in touch via phone and Facebook, it’s certainly not the same as having a conversation in person. Speaking through a web cam is not the same as gazing into each other’s eyes just inches away from each other… and pleasuring yourself at the thought of seeing him again is completely different from… Well, I could only imagine of the experience of that feeling again. Sometimes, if I close my eyes and concentrate I could still feel his every inch triggering oceanic passion within my love below.

I craved his nurturing touch, his smell; I yearned for the taste of his sweet Nubian lips again.

I had just finished cleaning up from a solo dinner on a Friday night. Homemade lasagna is always a messy task, so it was very time-consuming. I noticed that the sunset outside had run its course and it was now pitch black with just a small reflection on the clouds from the lights of the Las Vegas skyline. It was time for me to wind down. I poured myself flute of Riesling and quickly made my way to the master bathroom, where I started to run the hot water, which would soon fill my roman tub. I sat my glass on the ledge of the tub and then lit a few Victoria’s Secret candles. I LOVE the scent of Victoria’s Secret in the air and on my body, so to compliment the aromatic candle, I poured a liberal amount of Love Spell body wash into the stream. I began to undress as I watched the bubbles fill the bathtub. Before removing my undergarments however, I exited the bathroom to make sure the front door was locked, as from time to time I forget to do so. The last thing I need is some random pervert showing up in my house and beating himself off to a naked me, passed out in the bathtub. I never actually PLAN to take a nap in the tub, but the combo of a full belly, sweet-smelling water and fine wine is known to incapacitate a girl, you know? Well, the door was indeed locked so I made my return to the bathroom, just in time to stop the water before overflowing the confines.

After setting the lights to a more somber mood, I unhooked my bra to allow my juicy girls to be free, then quickly slipped out of my purple thong and into the water I went. The rush of the warm water on my bare body was exhilarating, as usual. I shut my eyes and submerged my entire existence into tender relaxation. Something about complete serenity always stimulated my thoughts. I began to think of random ‘what if’ scenarios.

What if I did forget to lock my door? What if a stranger entered my house? I smirked to myself as I allowed my mind to slip into a region of ecstasy, what if it was a beautiful stranger that entered my house? Or better yet, what if it was somebody I knew; somebody I wanted to enter my house. What if it was HIM?

As I drifted deeper into my imagination, I began to let myself go. I spread my legs and instinctively began touching myself. Rubbing my fingers in a circular motion, alternating between insertion and massage I treated myself to a series of orgasmic delectation. I stayed in the bathtub and enjoyed my alone time for a good while before eventually draining it, then standing up for a quick shower rinse and hair shampoo.

I didn’t bother drying myself; I merely wrapped up in a towel and patted my body, just enough so that I was not dripping then exited the bathroom. By the time I refilled my wine glass and made it to my bed, I was just about dry and ready to rub myself down with a fresh coat of lotion.

… from The House of Melina, an erotic short story from my second book, Showlucinations. Hopefully, in stores in September 2011.


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