The Main Course

I’m a delicacy.
Until you give me a try, you’ll have no idea of my savor.
Please soften your lips; come embrace my flavor.
I’m tender and moist and can make your mouth water;
Seasoned to perfection but still made to order.
Baby, I’m not trying to question or downgrade your palate;
But I’m a whole lot of meat and I start with tossed salad.
My aroma is formulated to bring a smile to your face.
I’m prepared to your liking at a slow, even pace.
I fall apart in your hands and I melt in your mouth;
I’m great with rose wine from vineyards down south.
I go down so smooth and I’m easy to swallow.
I satisfy all of your cravings, I’m not simple to follow.
I come here to please, at your call for adoring.
But this is only sample, you should order some more me.


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