*A New Day*

It’s a new day…
Like a dormant volcano that’s ready to explode, the heat will cometh, this is my story, behold.
This isn’t something old, it’s rather unique, where as some elect internalization, I choose to let it leak.
To speak, to express, to rise to my feet, and to emote these topics that are so sacred to me.
The stories of love, betrayal and hopes, goals and dreams, this is my spotlight, to show you exactly
what I mean.
It’s a new day…
Seriously, to spit, to keep it on hit. To downplay the problems we’re normally afraid to admit.
Like insecurities, the many impurities of life and how we treat other people.
Ha, the way I treat others, as if they deserve some kind of respect.
But it’s the way I treat others is the way too often I always regret.
I lose track sometimes of what is really important. I’m taught to be a hero, but my feelings aren’t sorted.
Like a chemical imbalance pushing me to the brink, sometimes I play nice and not say what I think.
I need to say how I feel, and how I think it’ll go down.
But let’s keep it one hundred, let’s keep it profound.
Think about this… people get over, they try to play you for a fool.
Instead of checking these bums, I play like it’s cool .
But nevermore like the Raven, there’s no point in saving my words that are raw and so reckless, man I’m just saying.
This is how it’s going to be, this how it will work. I may choose to hurt you intentionally, I may come off as a jerk.
It’s just another side, it’s just another stride. I will no longer ever, keep my feelings inside.
It’s a new day!


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