Keeping Up: “Yes, There is more to Active Dating than Busting a Nut.”

Keeping Up With the Khidashian  

Episode 2: “Yes, There is more to Active Dating than Busting a Nut.”

                So last week I had the opportunity to spend some time with my good friend Veronique, who was in town from Boston. She tasked me with the assignment of diagnosing why dudes that she are interested in want to have sex with her, but don’t want to be in a relationship with her.

                V, as I call her for short is one of the nicest people I know. She’s cute, has a genius level intelligence and can hold her own with the best partiers I know. So when she asked me why she couldn’t get a date, I totally had no answer. Then it hit me: BOSTON!

                You’re a pretty black girl in BOSTON who has a thing for white dudes. Where I’m from, we LOVE diversity as much as the next guy (I was raised here in Vegas) but from the multiple stories I hear from people, Boston is far from the interracial dating capitol of the world.  It’s sad, because we’ve done so much as a country to dispel the evil of racism, yet one of our most cherished northeastern cities is still one that halfway embraces it.

                Anyway, so today I came to a conclusion. BOSTON is the reason she can’t get a date. That’s the short answer, of course.  I’ve seen/heard about some of the cats she’s interested in. WOW, she can do way better! 0_O

                Welcome back, friends. I am your friendly neighborhood socialite and this is Keeping Up With the Khidashian. I don’t have anything ill to report this week.  I am finding myself going astray from my original topic, as mentioned in the last actual blog due to good news. My first book of poetry, The Hopeful Romantic is off to the presses, and we HOPE it’s available for purchase by my birthday, July 5th. I jumped up and claimed my birthday as a release date before I knew the process, so we’ll just call it tentatively.

                Just so we don’t get things twisted, this book is a 100% independent release. My second book, Showlucinations is a joint effort with a national publisher. So to put this book out on the solo tip with no financial backing or a team behind me guiding my actions makes me feel really good. *pats self on the back*

                As soon as my approvals come back and my July 5th is confirmed, I’ll have a preorder link ready to go. I’m hoping within the next two weeks.


                I’m still single. I had to put it out there because all of a sudden my dating life has become one that people like to live vicariously through. You’re welcome… I’m not getting any sex* either at the moment you perverts, so I’m not sure WHY you want to live vicariously through my escapades–  but if it makes you smile to hear about the other good things in my dating life, then groovy!

GASP! No sex??? Yes, there is more to active dating than busting a nut.

                You people should know by now that I’m a 99 percentile man (Get used to that phrase, it’s not going anywhere), but you can call me Extraordinary Man ( ).  This means that I pride myself on being a gentleman first and foremost. Being a man-whore is something I’m not interested in doing… again. (Don’t ask either.)

                That said my eye and more importantly my brain has been caught. By who, you may ask? Well, you know I do everything on a semi public basis, so you can expect a press conference when/if that becomes something more. Till then, I’m just going to enjoy our conversations and budding friendship.

                Yes. Friendship, remember that? Friendship should the foundation of ALL relationships. If you become friends and learn to trust each other, then it turns into being ‘in like’ with them (No, I didn’t coin that phrase) which, if reciprocated can spawn an actual romantic situation between the two of you which can lead to a further escalation called LOVE. Notice I said situation instead of relationship, because as friends you already HAVE a relationship; it’s just that relationship evolves to a new level.

                I know you LOVE when I break down things like you don’t have sense. Who am I kidding though? A lot of cats DON’T have sense nowadays, which is why they VICARIOUSLY LIVE THEIR DATING LIVES THROUGH ME.  My, has this column come full circle? Here’s a suggestion… learn how to treat a woman like a QUEEN, and PERHAPS, just PERHAPS, you too may have your own dating life!

                Extraordinarily yours… I am Show’Chi.


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