Crazy in Love: Sponsored by Kia*

 I’ve been working nights; forgive me for being not-so-prompt when it comes to my blog updates. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

Keeping Up With the Khiadashian

            Episode 7: Crazy in Love: Sponsored by Kia

We should probably call this thing “Catching Up with the Khiadashian” because all kinds of ill shit has gone down since the last time we spoke. It’s only fair I catch everyone up now. After this one, hopefully, I’ll have another, more traditional topical blog up in 24 hours.

Kia and I are happier than ever. Remember what I said about how she stepped into my life and became my everything? Did you think I was not serious? I was. Kia and I have manufactured the prototype relationship and I couldn’t be happier. We share so much in common, yet have two distinct and diverse personalities. She is the fire to my ice and the caramel on my sundae. She’s the glaze to my ham and the hot sauce to my chicken. She is my Lois Lane, and I LOVE being her Superman.

It feels so good to be with somebody who’s trustworthy, loving and attentive. Someone who can hold their own during conflict and isn’t afraid to go hard or get dirty when need be. She brings a balance to the matrix of my soul that no other being has been close to doing… it’s been 4 months but it’s never been more clear to me… she is THE ONE.

I know what you’re thinking. Dude, you’ve been married and got divorced. Dude you JUST got out of a shady engagement. Dude, how do we know she’s not crazy? Actually, I already know she is. That’s the thing. Our relationship isn’t built on sex or money. Our relationship isn’t one of convenience. Our relationship was built on communication and developed trust into one another.

Gasp! A relationship can be built that way? Why, that’s just CRAZY.

You see, when you’re in a world of crazy, things that should be considered normal faire are considered to be well, different. If the majority of people you encounter are mentally/emotionally off key, the sane folks, like Kia and I come off as being in the minority – unorthodox, in other words, crazy. It’s truly sad that the status quo is actually insanity. For those who balk however, I’m not going to argue. So in that perspective, yes she’s crazy. I’m crazy. 

Together, we’re just crazy in love. (I just sang & did the Beyonce booty dance, by the way.)

In other news, I’ve obtained my third promotion in less than a year at the place I call my second home. I started in Beck and Call (Operator), became a Resort Services Agent (Reservations) and now I am an Experience Curator. In other words, I’m a remote VIP/Concierge agent, and I’m AWESOME! My business cards are on the way. Success all day buddy; better check my dental records homeboy because I’m totally taking a bite of this apple.

Have you see the music video that I made a cameo in? Well damn, someone hasn’t been reading my Facebook page, huh? It was my first paying acting gig; check it out at this link. Josh Tatum – Everything I Need.

I’m planning another based-on-a-true-story romance movie; a better movie with a better cast and phenomenal female lead by the name of Kia (Who else did you think?). It’s also going to costar a special little person whose name (and sex for that matter) is yet to be determined. Take that information how you want it. I’m playing the movie script close to the chest. Check for the next update on that subject on November 10th!

My first poetry book, The Hopeful Romantic, got delayed for good reason. It’s not that I’m some kind of perfectionist taskmaster who is never satisfied with his work, it’s because my dedications page was incomplete. Going back to what I hinted on earlier in the movie news, I can and will confirm your suspicions. Yes, there is a baby on the way. I found out about it a few weeks before my birthday (the original planned release date) and I felt that she or he should definitely get a shout out in my first magnum opus. The significance of November 10th, of course, is on that day we find out the gender of my child.

I’m not going to go into all the details because all the intricacies of this pregnancy aren’t public information. I will tell you that my child is being born outside Kia and my relationship and that she, my family and closest friends know the complete deal. In short, just before me and Kia got together, a friend and I conceived a child. End of story. That’s actually all I’m going to speak on about my child’s conception. I’m all about celebrating the birth of my first baby, not scrutinizing it because the living situation will be unconventional.  All I know is that my child has a loving mother carrying her/him and will have an extraordinary father and will be welcomed into this world by our families, including its future step-mommy’s.

There’s my pipe bomb announcement. I’m smiling; if you’re not, find SOMETHING to smile about.

I have a great woman in Kia, I have TWO great careers, and I have a beautiful baby on the way. Happily ever after is what I’m after. After all the madness, instability, struggle and pain I’ve endured over the years, FINALLY, happily ever after is in sight and I can’t wait to share the story.

 Extraordinarily Yours,



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