Episode 8: California Love/Hate

Just a few more days left until my first vacation in over a year. I’ve been craving a beach ambiance for quite some time, as it’s been over two years since I walked barefoot through pacific sands. Now, in less than a week I will be taking in the smells of the ocean air, experiencing new restaurants and sharing my precious time with the one I love.

Looking forward to seeing you next week California; I had a good time last time, hopefully it wasn’t a fluke.

Keeping Up with the Khidashian

Episode 8: California Love/Hate

California knows how to party. California knows how to party. In the city… of L.A. In the city… City of Compton… we keep it rockin’, we keep it rockin’…

The state of California and I are NOT friends. I do enjoy the place in small doses, but I could never live there. Basically the state makes for good weekend getaways when Vegas wears me down, a good place to hold winter morning auditions (I’m coming back for you Master Chef) and a cool place to go when a real vacation destination is not in the budget.

Don’t start… I didn’t say it was a bad place. I just think it’s overrated by some of their natives. I’m speaking specifically about the ones who live here, yet are just DYING to go back. Huh? To paying state taxes, extraordinarily bad air quality, second rate beaches and living under a state government that was ran into technical bankruptcy by Arnold Freaking Schwarzenegger.

Yeah, I called California beaches second rate. I mean, in comparison to other United States Destinations? PUH-LEASE! Want to argue? Florida > California beaches…  Hawaii Beaches > All the beaches in the WORLD!

I’m just saying.

Let’s not get me started on all the other attractions that Florida has over the Golden State. I mean, Disney resorts, Universal resorts, Six Flags and even Sea World is better in Florida. I’m not familiar with the Florida Zoos, but any place you can go outside and there’s a fucking alligator sitting on your lawn at any given time HAS to be a cool thing!

Well, maybe not, if you’re not expecting it that is. I know the risks when I go to Florida. If I find a gator on my porch in the morning, I’m eating GOOD that night! I wrote that without hesitation too, don’t knock gator meat until you try it.

As much as I could go on and on about the California tourism scene being second rate, this blog isn’t necessarily about bashing Cali. After all, I am vacationing there this week.  Like I said, it’s a love/hate thing.

Aside from the smog, bad economy, higher cost of living,  second rate attractions and annoying sports teams and fans (looking at you Raider/Laker Nation) I have an unwavering optimism for California that lies in its potential to be great. With so many things that I have not done/seen there, it would be ignorant of me to write the place off completely.  I guess you can say that though there are some bad things that I have encountered and know of, deep down I’d like to grow my appreciation for the state.

Truthfully, I’ve always had agendas on my past trips out west. I’ve only gone to California with just relaxation and adventure on my mind just once, and that was to Santa Barbara with Rachel. THAT was the best time I ever had in California, despite the funk from the Amtrak ride.

I took my ex fiancée to Disneyland for her birthday in 2010. Before that, I went for an audition for Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef (which I made round two on) television show. Eddie and I used to have a tradition of going to Padres games in the spring around his birthday. Well, it happened twice. Both times were cool. And the times before that were with my ex wife of all people. Granted, we’re peacefully divorced now, but my three worst trips to Cali were with her including my first non-business trip to San Francisco… we ended up actually only seeing the city for a few hours before being cooped up at her best friend’s house for our remaining days. No offense to her best friend who is a wonderful person, but my goal of coming there wasn’t to just chill inside her house while there were clubs, museums, shopping adventures and tours we could have taken part in.

Three days of relaxation with my baby is what is on deck for me this week. Our Marriott is about 3 miles away from Manhattan Beach and we have a lot planned for our stay. Despite the good times I’ve had in Cali in the past, I plan on eclipsing those times by tenfold.

Well, given the fact that I’m going with my Kia, I guess I’ve already eclipsed them, doesn’t it?

This time I’m going specifically to relax and just all around enjoy my time off. I’ve never experienced Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before. I think I’m the last person on Earth not to. I’ve never taken a late night walk on the beach with my girl. I’ve never been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the only garment district I’ve ever been to is the one in the Cosmopolitan here in Las Vegas! These are small things of course, but they are prerequisites for any California vacationer at least once and I haven’t done any.

Starting this week, I plan on having a full on experience in California. I REALLY need this vacation. My last real vacation was seven days in Hawaii for my 30th birthday. Though I’m only going out of town for three days this time I’m actually off of work for a full six days. So my relaxation will actually start here in Vegas with a small gathering/BBQ at the house and will end on an empty California freeway on the way home Sunday night. I plan on parking my car and being shuttled around on public transportation as I will have a perpetual alcoholic buzz the entire time. I plan on taking hundreds of pictures and visiting all the restaurants my budget can endure & the beach and I will be GREAT acquaintances. From lying out with my iPod, having an ocean side picnic with my baby to making love to her in (over a blanket) in the sand, I’m coming for it ALL. (However, I can likely do WITHOUT the arrest record for indecent exposure for the latter event.)

Hopefully upon my return I’ll be relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to get that autumn money! As I stated in my last blog, I got a promotion at work. While it’s a slower pace than my old position, it’s much better from a financial standpoint and I’m going to need that extra post vacation energy to give my usual 113% effort to my guests as we ride in my first adult Christmas that I can remember where I’m not struggling to make ends meet while attempting to spoiling my loved ones. I can’t think of a happier ending for 2011.

Well, perhaps if I hit on Wheel of Fortune. I suppose that would be happier. Who couldn’t use a cool $450,000?  That would definitely trump just not struggling.

Anyway, back to work I go; two more days till vacation. YES!

Extraordinarily yours,

I am Show’Chi — but you can always call me Showtorious.  



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