Keeping Up – Episode 9: “All Pink Everything”

Keeping Up With the Khidashian

Episode 9: “All Pink Everything”

So there you have it, and YES I’m excited.  In quarter 1 next year, my friend and I are expecting a baby girl, officially. I’m all smiles right now; been this way sinceSaturday afternoon when I got the news.

Wow…  Just, wow. In just a few short months, I’m going to be a daddy to a little princess.  In a couple weeks I’ll have some ultrasound pictures for you, but for now I just want to bask in the light. It’s a pink one, but it’s very cool indeed. If you need details about HOW this went down, check my blog Crazy in Love: Sponsored by Kia* by clicking here. RIGHT NOW is all about my future baby.

I can’t wait to meet my daughter! I think that was a part of the reason I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. Thinking about her features, how she’s going to look, how I’m going to sway her sports likings to the way of the Chicago teams, though all she will know at first is Arizona, Nevada, California and New York. I’m willing to deal though, as long as she’s a Bulls and Bears fan. I can deal with her liking another baseball team since I’m on baseball strike and wouldn’t want her to me a miserable Cubs fan like her old man anyway, but goodness forbid she becomes a Mets or even worse, a LAKERS fan. *shutters* There’s no negotiation on NBA teams. I only spawn Bulls fans, I’m sorry.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I don’t even know if my child is even going to like sports.

A lot of you haven’t had the opportunity to meet my friend Mariah, but shortly you will. Though we are both happy in separate relationships, we plan on being the best parental core as possible for our little cutie.

I mean, we’re a couple good looking people in my opinion, so of course we’re going to have a beautiful daughter. Perhaps she’ll get her mother’s eyes and my smile. Maybe she’ll get that perfect light skinned completion with good hair, which thankfully we both have, along with our combined intellect and attitudes.

OMG, on that thought, we’re going to have a little diva on our hands, aren’t we? Either that or the most creative and cutest evil genius known in the world all rolled into one!

No complaints, though. What did dude say in Ghostbusters 2? Being the parents of a living goddess has its benefits. You know, great real estate, free parking…

I know, I’m being silly and PROBABLY misquoted the movie, so get off me. I’m more of an original Ghostbusters fan anyway.

All I know is that however she turns out; she’s going to be perfect. She’s going to be loved by her parents and future step parents, grandparents and all of our families. It’s going to be quite the event. As for due dates, the doctor says we’re looking at March. I on the other hand in all my medical expertise (or is that culinary expertise) say she’s coming at the end of February or first week of March. As a matter of fact, like Babe Ruth, I’m going to call my shot.

My daughter will be born on Thursday, March 1st, 2011…. At 11:19AM. She’s going to be 17 inches long and 12.5 pounds!!!! I’m joking, of course. That would be a big baby right there.

I’m sticking to the date prediction with a +/- of 72 hours though. As for the actual size, I’ll determine that prediction after I see my friend, who has LOST weight since the pregnancy and is scheduled to visit Vegas this week.

I’m pretty sure the baby is going to be tall though. I just hope that she doesn’t get all my circus-like allergies. It’s just not normal for people to get high from the scent of certain colognes and to be immune to THC, but THAT is for another discussion.

Excuse me now, as I bask in that pink light some more. *lights a pink cigar*

Available at Target!

No seriously. Somebody order that shit for me.

It’s really at Target, and they are cheap.

– Showtoriously Yours, Show’Chi


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