Episode 11: This is a Special Report

Keeping Up with the Khidashian

                                          Episode 11: This is a Special Report

I try to keep things light, easy and eloquent in my social media. But there is something that I need to discuss with all my readers, family, friends and haters.

I know we live in a Facebook and Twitter world, but for me, my WordPress blog is MY WORLD. It’s my outlet to be creative and it’s my outlet to get really detailed with things that are going on in my life. I’m a writer. I plan on actually marketing my books and selling them. So when I write something on here for free, it’s from the heart.

In a sense, my blog is my public journal. Honestly, I’d rather people read my blog more than my Twitter or Facebook for that very reason. You get ALL OF ME here.

On Twitter, you get Showtorious, the Las Vegas Concierge Socialite.

On Facebook it’s still me being me, but it seems as if they don’t want the NOTES screen to be as big an option as it should be, so I don’t use it much. Kind of makes me miss my Myspace blog, which was far superior to Facebook notes.

Here, I have full creative control. I can be funny, I can be serious, I can be creative and I can do anything I want on here and I love it. The reason for my rant is that it’s sometimes frustrating that more complete strangers read my work here than my actual friends and family.

My communication isn’t that great on a personal level. For that, I apologize.

I live a busy life; I am always moving and I lost my bluetooth for my phone, so I don’t talk on it much, but I text like a beast and whenever it’s slow here on the job, I write on WordPress not just for practice, but as a way to reach out to the world and say hey, here’s an update! Get at me, please!

All I ask is that you read my work and maybe give me some feedback. I promise I don’t bite. I’m just trying to be informative and entertaining.

You feel me?

I like being public. It’s part of my persona. So when I pour my heart out in blog format and talk about important things in my life, a quick read goes a long way. My baby situation is complicated on paper, but it really isn’t.

I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but it’s rough to have to explain each time on an emotional level. It’s a joyous and beautiful thing and I am SUPER excited about the baby, but it’s delicate to Kia and I because it’s something that had gone down prior to, yet still impactful to our relationship on a permanent level. So when someone asks/assumes that it’s Kia and I who are expecting when I’ve already spoken on the topic many times publicly and explained that it’s not Kia and I, but a friend of mine and me, it feels like someone picking at the stitches out of a wound before its fully healed.

I am SO grateful for the outpour in support of me and my firstborn child. She has a wonderful mother in Arizona who is holding her end down in carrying my spawn with pride. When my little one is born, she’ll continue the deed for sure. My daughter will also have a wonderful father (me!) who is/will be doing everything in his power to make this parental blessing a nice and smooth one.

Her father also has the honor of having his queen by his side, unconditionally; and she is going to make a great step-mother… Yeah, I said it…. Hey, don’t bug out on me, wedding invitations aren’t even in the works yet. LOL…  Besides, that’s the topic for a whole ‘nother blog.

Mary Alice Young (Narrator voice from Desperate Housewives) take us out of here.

“Yes, though Show’Chi’s arrangement is unconventional and seemingly less than ideal, the one thing we know for sure is that his baby girl is going to have a GREAT family that operates as a multi-faceted dual processing machine.  That machine by the way… is powered 100% by love. ”

This concludes our special report. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  

PS: The baby pictures are coming, just not tonight. Look for those this weekend along with a name update…  How’s that for bait and switch? LOL

-I am Showtorious


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