Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan Episode 2: The Boo’s Team


This is the Diary... of a MAD BULLS FAN!

Episode 2:

“The Boo’s Team”

Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan –  1/10/12

So Christmas Day came and went, initiating the 2011-2012 NBA Season and it’s been probably one of the greatest starts of a season to date. Not because the quality of the games are anything special, but the fact that the NBA and its collective media is jamming basketball down our throats at a frantic pace.

Back-to-back-to-back games, new lead in shows, Shaq in the studio, much better TV coverage and the offer of FREE League Pass until the second week of January. It’s a basketball fan’s dream come true next to having an NBA Jam arcade stored in your garage… wait a second, I DO!

You know you wish you had one. 🙂

Layup Drills

Real talk; most fans and ‘experts’ are already penning the Eastern Conference Finals as Chicago vs. Miami, with the winner ultimately taking the chip at the end of the day against whomever comes out of the Western Conference. I can’t say I disagree.

Shaq approves of my NBA Jam game... even though his contract wouldn't allow him to be in this version.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a determined cocky team. The Miami Heat, led by Lebron James and Dwayne Wade has developed into just that. They were OWNED last year versus Dallas in the finals. They have humbled themselves by a couple notches this year and that may be what they needed to come together.  They have an eerie calm about their demeanor this year and honestly, I respect that. They’re off and running with just one loss, to another playoff team I might add, in the Atlanta Hawks and have since avenged that loss WITHOUT Dwayne Wade or Lebron James. Granted, Mario Chalmers and Chris Bosh played the best games of their LIVES and it took three overtimes to do it, but they finally wore down the grinding Atlanta squad, shutting them out in the 3rd extra shift of the night.

Atlanta also has the distinction of being one of two playoff teams to beat the Chicago Bulls this year. Playing at home on Saturday, they beat my team pretty handily. I can’t even be mad though. My guys looked tired out there. After beating teams by an average of 18 points per game on a 6 game winning streak, it’s okay to be a little tired and give up a game or two. The loss gave Derrick Rose and company some well deserved rest for a quarter leading into an off day, followed by action on Monday at the United Center against the Pistons, who probably shouldn’t be classified in a professional league at the moment. In the same vein as the Heat, my Bulls are a deeper and equally talented squad. While we don’t have the consistency that at Wade/Bosh/James combination has ON PAPER, what I’ve seen this year has indeed been on point, if not better overall, as starters have been healthy and the Bench Mob has been BEASTIN’.

Carlos Boozer is getting back into his old game. He’s been hitting the open jumpers a bit more fluid and actually playing harder on defense! Luol Deng is CLEARLY our second in command. His scoring has been pretty consistent, has been creating his own shots more, driving to the rim a lot and defending like Scottie Pippen in his prime. After being overlooked (robbed!) last year for All Star considerations, Deng appears to be ready for a legitimate run at All Star Weekend.

All Stars or bust BIATCH!!!! - Luol DESERVES your vote!

Joakim Noah is playing inspired and though he’s been hurt for a couple games, Rip Hamilton has been everything he’s been advertised as being; a reliable second backcourt option who can play defense!

Western Rubbish:

The Western Conference is a mess so far this year. The balance of power has clearly swung back East, thank goodness! The Thunder is the runaway favorite to take the West this year. So far they are the only team outside of the Clippers that have pulled it together and are performing consistently. San Antonio can never be counted out, nor can any team with Kobe Bryant, as the Lakers are showing flashes of being decent this year.

Are they a top 5 team?  I think they will be eventually. Right now, in my opinion there are five other teams better in the West and one could even argue that the Utah Jazz are on par with the Lakers at the moment.  All I know is that it’s a great thing to hear the silence of a humbled fan. Laker fans are by far the most annoying in the NBA. They’re all talk when they are successful, but as soon as their team is mediocre (like this year) or lose a big trade (like this year) they are SO quiet. Truthfully, if I were a Laker fan, I’d be rooting hard for my squad. Andrew Bynum is FINALLY living up to expectations this year. He’s scoring, rebounding and defending wonderfully this year. His growth and maturity should be commended. Still, Laker fans dwell on the hopes of making the great trade or pick up of Dwight Howard as opposed to actually believing in their squad. Is Howard a better look? Absolutely.  Will the league respect them more… probably not; what ever happened to BUILDING A TEAM UP as opposed to making a big trade to get over immediately? People bash the Miami Heat all the time for their dealings last year, but trust had it not been for Los Angeles RAPING the Magic years ago for Shaquille O’Neal, deals like the Big Three wouldn’t have come into play. Back in the heyday, teams built themselves through practice and good drafting … nowadays it’s all about who makes the big trade and who has the most money. It bit the Lakers in the ass this year as League Officials put the wax on the Chris Paul deal. That was hilarious. Now he plays in the same arena on a team who is now BETTER than the Lakers, but without all the hatred.

By the way...

Top 5:

Eastern Conference

  1. Chicago Bulls (1st tie)
  2. Miami Heat (1st tie)
  3. Atlanta Hawks
  4. Indiana Pacers
  5. Boston Celtics

Honorable Mentions: Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks

Western Conference

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
  2. LA Clippers
  3. Portland Trailblazers (Surprising!)
  4. Denver Nuggets
  5. San Antonio Spurs

Honorable Mentions: Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks

To the lecture at hand though…

Is it okay for an avid sports fan to support a team other than their own if it’s the team of their significant other? Here’s my opinion on the matter. If my girl was a LAKER FAN, it would never work. To change sports for a minute, if she was a PACKER FAN, it would never work. A damn ST. LOUIS CARDINALS FAN, it would never work.

My girl however is a Celtics fan. Cool. Yes, the Celtics are in the same conference as my Bulls, BUT we aren’t in direct competition division wise or regionally. The Boston Celtics also have a tradition of having a classy organization, classy fans and have several players that I like. Honestly, Kevin Garnett in all his asshole glory is one of my favorite players.  Paul Pierce is another great player who is a leader and is LOYAL to the only team he’s ever played for and Ray Allen man, I wear an old SUPERSONICS jersey of his to bed almost every night. Not that I was ever a Sonics fan, but just a fan of the player himself. If we went to a Celtics game and they weren’t playing my Bulls would I rock a Celtics Allen Jersey and root for that team to win against, say Atlanta? You bet. It doesn’t mean I’m a huge fan of the team, but I do like and respect them enough to support them against MY TEAM’s historical rivals (Miami, Atlanta, Indiana); the fact they are my girl’s favorite team is a plus too. Besides, if we went to TD Garden and I rocked my Bulls jersey, those cats would probably tear me apart.

I know that statement is a contradiction to what I just said about classy fans, but come on… it’s still BOSTON. The fans aren’t fans anymore once they leave the arena. Just plain ol’ racist Boston people. My black ass from Chicago would be a feared man in the streets of Boston and I’m not trying to get shot over a jersey. Besides, I can go home to Chicago and get shot over my jersey, thank you. God Bless America.

I took a small, informal survey of Show’Chi Nation on Facebook and also opened up the conversation on Twitter to get some of the public’s reaction.

Question: As a sports fan, is it okay to inherit your significant other’s team as your second favorite, as long as it doesn’t interfere with traditional rivalries? (Bears/Packers, Lakers/Celics, Cowboys/Steelers/Redskins.)

  • No. Under no circumstances. (Three votes – 4 including tweets)
  • Yes. As long as there is no rivalry conflict. (Five votes- 8 including tweets)
  • Yes. If it shuts them up. (Two votes -3 including tweets)
  • No. That just ain’t right. (Zero votes)
  • Yes. If it’s a mutual respect situation and not actual liking of said team. (7 votes- 14 including tweets.)

So the majority of you have no problem faking the funk; you don’t like the team but you’ll wear the colors because you respect them; interesting. Or is that just what you say and deep down you DO like your significant other’s squad but are too hardcore to admit it?

Oh, I’m just giving you Hell. I would like more of your comments or emails on the subject though.

I am Showtorious; the original Mad Bulls Fan!

 *Update: Since the loss on Saturday, January 7th, the Bulls have won back to back games again. 9-2, snitches. Also, the Clippers are 1 game over .500 and look as mediocre as they should be. Finally, YES I think the Lakers will be top 3 in the West next week… so blah. No more updates, just live with the fact I wrote this mostly on Saturday night. Next week.. Knicks troubles, and Trailblazers blazing through the competition? WHAT??? See ya.


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