The Series Finale: Prelude to Destiny

Keeping Up With the Khidashian

Series Finale: Prelude to Destiny

Three months is much too long of a commercial break for this reality show; the creativity has always been there, but the time has a mind of its own, unfortunately. I picked up a few more responsibilities on the job, lost a friend, lost a child, lost a family and recently lost a car, but you’ll be pleased to know that I’m still standing and more importantly, still smiling.

Not that your smile can’t go away for a while; we all have bad days, but it’s how you regain your smile that sets you right.

I’m not going to rehash the things I went through; the people I love know what’s up and that’s enough. Today is about redirection. Someone I cared about greatly told me that you should never lose yourself in someone else. It took me a minute, but I fully comprehend now and I must activate my drive no longer for the greater good of others, but for the greater good of myself.

I pride myself on being a good man; a future husband, a hard worker and an artist. I made sacrifices to spread myself into the ultimate family man and though I hold no regrets, I concede my mistakes. So today I stand solo, stronger; focused and ready to take the future in my own hands.

I’ve spent too many of my years trying to prove myself to others; trying to do the right thing; trying to make the right moves trying to make things… just right.

I only have to prove myself to God… and that– I shall.

 Rise and shine people… the Showtorious you know and love has returned. Tomorrow is a new day.


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