That Concierge Life — Episode 1: The Tip Drill

That Concierge Life

Episode 1: The Tip Drill

Times change; people change; things just change.

                Good, bad or indifferent, change is a part of evolution. In order for us to thrive we must embrace that which is unknown and then mold it into what we desire. – Show’Chi Drake 

Yeah, THAT guy is back… but not today.

For those who are new, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Show’Chi. I’m an artist of the spoken word and a freelance writer. I blog, do poetry,  parodies, sports editorials, short stories and erotic literature. I also do a little acting when the opportunity presents itself. Though my artistic qualities are plenty, I’m so much more than the average cat. 

As for my day job; I am a Concierge for one of Las Vegas’ hottest hotels. This means a few things… 1.) I know where all the hot spots are. 2.) I can probably get the hook up one way or another on an off peak night and 3.) If it’s not VIP, it’s not for me! 4.) I don’t pay for shit!

With great power however, comes great responsibility. So I keep it modest. As long as it doesn’t interfere with actual business, 9 times out of 10 I can get a deal. This also explains why I’m powerless on the weekend. Seriously, if we can pull $7500 on a poolside cabana easily, why would my host even THINK about doing a complementary offer for the same product? To make matters worse, a lot of these ingrates folks in Vegas have no concept of how to tip on free outings.

Free bottles are a good thing. Everyone likes bottle service, but nobody wants to pay for that piece. So when a club promoter breaks you off a bottle of Goose, Hell, even if it’s a cheap bottle of alcohol, SOME kind of gratuity is customary. If you can’t tip, you shouldn’t go out. These people are breaking their backs to make you smile and your cheap ass won’t break them off a dub? They could have charged $300 for that $30 bottle of vodka, but nah, they offered it to you and your ratchet ass crew.

Then you have the nerve to get mad when they throw you off that table after drinking the bottle in 30 minutes and not reaching into your wallet for even a little bit of change. On to the next, buddy; this is business. At least the fools coming into behind you are actually going to pay for the service. 

If you are money conscience, it’s okay to decline free stuff. That sounds crazy, but when you’re talking about a breach of etiquette, that’s just being realistic.  At least you didn’t burn a bridge with your promoter friend, or the concierge who set it up for you.

The only time not tipping is acceptable is when you’re the one who set things up and just happen to be attending with your civilian friends. You made it possible, you drinking free with no tip is your tip.

Hey, that’s that Concierge life. – Show’Chi

PS: The Showtorious Relationship Series is Coming Soon!


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