Sixty Shades of Show’Chi

I’ve taken a lot of good suggestions lately; given a few as well. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy giving relationship advice and just talking about love in general. It’s about time I had a purpose again with my blog. As you know, I’m in the middle of rewriting my opus, The Hopeful Romantic to include not only poetry, but my other works of literature.

Yes, this is me. I try. 🙂

I guess I just want to be known as more than a poet. Well, I am a blogger… erotic author and novelist too… but y’all don’t know me. *snicker*

Welcome to anew, my people. I’m in the process of reformatting my blog to correspond with my passions in writing; so please bare with me as I brainstorm a clever name and design for the page. The Showtorious Relationship Series will roll into the page as well and continue on as planned. In the coming weeks however, be on the lookout for a more broad spectrum of love columns.

Today though, I just felt like sharing. I love myself, you should too. Hopefully after reading some brutal, personal honesty about me, you’ll love me just a little more than you used to.

That wasn’t a solicitation, by the way. I’m a single man, but damn, I’m not desperate.  You do have complete authorization to stalk me on Instagram and Twitter @Showtorious. If you really want to get gully though, drop me an email.

This is Sixty Shades of Show’Chi (Not a word, Amy! *smile*)

  1. I am very family oriented and love my mom and dad.
  2. I am a Transformer fanatic and have a Decepticon emblem tattoo on my leg.
  3. I like sports, but am not a lunatic about it. Unless you’re a Packer fan, then we have beef.
  4. I like to dress up and go places.
  5. I’m sporadic and love traveling with little to no itinerary.
  6. I appreciate public displays of affection.
  7. I like to cook for and serve my woman.
  8. I give massages.
  9. I’m a very good listener and know how to give relevant advice.
  10. I enjoy an occasional slow dance.
  11. Romantic comedies are indeed romantic to me.
  12. I write poetry, short stories and erotic literature.
  13. My careers are a priority.
  14. I’m a Cancer who is in complete control of his emotions, which is rare.
  15. I have no kids, but want a couple. Also, have no problem dating someone with children.
  16. My first born son already has a name picked out; Jordan Tyler Drake is non negotiable, by the way.
  17. I am a Christian, but not preachy.
  18. I’m a straight guy who knows how to give a good pedicure; my facial game is nice too.
  19. I appreciate good conversation and the occasional debate!
  20. I don’t smoke, but I do drink.
  21. I think making love consists of more than sex.
  22. In love theater and enjoy acting on occasion.
  23. I like throwing parties for family and friends.
  24. I like dogs but it would be hard for me to own one. My cat is set in her ways.
  25. I am open to leaving Las Vegas, but only for the right opportunity.
  26. Labels don’t impress me; I’m a pretty frugal shopper. I’d rather spend my money on useful things.
  27. I have a cat, but keep medicine available to those who are allergic.
  28. I’m a sucker for a pretty set of lips, cute feet and natural hair.
  29. I believe in date night.
  30. Yes, Show’Chi is a legal name. Wesley is my birth name, which is also legal.  has been deleted legally.
  31. I like late night romantic walks.
  32. I daydream.
  33. I am a very public person, but will respect your privacy.
  34. I LOVE taking pictures.
  35. I love watching movies and quoting them.
  36. I am a hip hop head at heart, but like all kinds of music.
  37. I’m a handsome cat, but I am losing weight to feel better for myself.
  38. That said; ranch dressing rocks!
  39. I have a weakness for sushi, chicken fingers and Mexican food.
  40. I also like a cold beer from time to time.
  41. Sunglasses are necessary accessories.
  42. I’m an island kid at heart, a perfect world is one wearing shorts and flip flops.
  43. I won’t date someone with bad feet, sorry. It’s a disqualifier.
  44. I like to go window shopping; I don’t mind waiting for my date to try on clothes either.
  45. I have multiple female friends; I hope that’s ok because they aren’t going away.
  46. I’m loyal to the bone, so don’t worry about me cheating.
  47. I like to open doors for my lady.
  48. I speak in complete sentences and grammar is important to me.
  49. I don’t abbreviate in text messages.
  50. I prefer to fix a problem rather than dwell on it.
  51. I have several best friends, all of which I consider family. Yes, they will be interested in meeting you.
  52. I enjoy lazy days at home with Netflix, DVR’s, DVD’s and comfort foods.
  53. I snuggle, but mostly in the winter time. It’s hot in Vegas during the summer.
  54. I’m a registered Independent party member; I do my own research on political candidates and make the best decision for me.
  55. I like road trips, but dislike driving at night.
  56. I’m a Disney fanatic!
  57. When it comes to dating, it’s personality over looks.
  58. I like random make out sessions.
  59. I’m not materialistic, but like nice things.
  60. I’m an AWESOME friend. So let’s be friends.

Sixty Shades of Show’Chi is actually closer to purple than Grey though. Laters, baby. LOL


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