If You Ask Me I’m Ready…

Since Kia and I broke up in May, my life has been all about rebuilding my brand. I’ve been in the gym, I’ve been in the streets and I’ve been making moves at my own pace. I also started to go hard on my writing because I need publish my book before Valentine’s Day next year. I’ve been actively seeking new ways to connect to the Lord physically as well, because my old church is an awkward situation that I really don’t care to address. I also have a set of professional standards that will likely find me going to culinary school next year so I can take the amateur tag off the Chef Chi title and perhaps going after that food truck business that has been on my mind for a while now.

My opinion is that kings should carry themselves like kings. Not like thugs whose only concern is new money, new p***y and new materialistic items, but kings. As a king, I want to carry myself on a level that my future queen would be proud of.

Saying that I’m focused is an understatement.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dating casually, but not exclusive; there’s a few different ladies, all great catches in their own right at different levels of interest at different points in their lives.

Settling down with Miss Right is difficult though when you are dealing with several potential Miss Rights. Not on a promiscuous tip of course, but casual dating and the occasional kiss (and not tell) or two.

Loving myself is and always will be my first priority; however part of loving myself is allowing myself to love and to allow her to grow into me so that when we become one, the unconditional love and confidence I have for myself is carried over into an equal feeling. She would become indeed a part of me and my love for  her, like myself would be on a level where she, or we would take precedence over everything. If there was anything I learned from the last relationship its that as great as our time was together, you should never lose yourself in a one-sided situation. Though we are no longer on speaking terms, I give thanks to my ex for teaching me that lesson and am thankful we ended it before it did cyclone into a relationship of eternal resentment.

I’m big on the concept of we. Yes, we is a team word, but that’s what relationships are… a team. It’s great to be on the same page when it comes to considering becoming a we, or is the term, us? I’m getting confused with the wordplay, sorry. You get the picture though. LOL.

For the last several days, I’ve been experiencing an epic bout with wedding fever and baby insanity dreams. Every night, it’s been a different scenario featuring various locations, various colors and different outcomes which has led me to feel the way I do at this very moment.

Single life has been good to me, but perhaps it’s time to become serious about crowning my queen. I’m great at being single, but I’m programmed to be in a relationship. My nature as a Cancer is to be a nurturer. In my case, I’m a spoiler. I LOVE giving just because gifts; having date night. I like to chill at home in front of the TV while giving her a massage after a long day. I enjoy coming home, cooking up something tasty and serving her a glass of her favorite wine and just watching her enjoy her meals. I don’t mind running the bath water with candles; I’ll even do it proactively. On a more serious note, if she’s in school, I want to help push her to that next degree. If she’s running a business, I’ll have a firm interest in helping her success. If she’s losing weight, I’m right there in the gym with her. Spoiling is more than just doing nice things, it’s about proper support.

Queens deserve the Queen treatment; with me, I would deliver that.

I’ve been blessed to have met some wonderful people but I refuse to just settle. I mean, I may know her already, but there’s a possibility that I don’t know her yet. There’s a possibility that I share my feelings with the woman I’m crushing on and get rejected, which I’m 100% cool with.  Some things just aren’t meant to be; it doesn’t mean I’m going to dislike her or hate on whomever she does decide to spend time with because it’s a big world and I’d continue to be awesome, with or without her. I’m playing for keeps this time though.

I’ve only been deeply involved with a handful of ladies in my entire life, but I just want to be cool with one, for the rest of my life. I want her to get to know and love my family. I want to get to know and love her family. I want to have children, get married and grow old with someone whom I absolutely adore. I don’t believe in stereotypes, so miss me with the object of perfection that people clamor for. In MY eyes, she will be perfect with all her imperfections.

I’m so serious about not settling though.

She needs to have good values, has goals, dreams and an actual PLAN to obtain them.  I want a woman who wants (more if she already has some) kids and is cool with having them before our rock-star wedding and A-list honeymoon. I’m down for a low-key wedding too, if that is the compromise we agree to, but I’ve been a planner for years, it will be Jay Z/Beyonce low-key, not Circus-Circus low-key.

Easing up on the wedding plans though, I understand that happily ever after is a work in progress. I’m a good man and I know what I’m worth. I also know the value of a good woman.

So cheers; Cheers to my next relationship being my last relationship!

Playing for keeps…

Consider me an open book that’s ready to be read; ready to take you on an emotional journey into goodness, laughter, love as we proceed to happily ever after!

(I know that last part sounded corny as hell… but hey, this is supposed to be somewhat entertaining.)

Till next time…

Catch me on Twitter and Instagram @Showtorious. Email is Showtorious@gmail.com.


One thought on “If You Ask Me I’m Ready…

  1. Very well said…you are a sweet guy and any girl would be lucky to have you in her life and I hope you do find that special queen 🙂

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