Blogging in Church

Not exactly sure which is stranger. The fact that I’m at a different church than my own or the fact that I’m typing this blog on my cell phone in a church that is not my own.

Calm down though, its just choir practice. My friend Erica is singing. She can blow. She invited me to attend tonight and possibly recruit me to join up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Greater St. James and the people there, but its a little awkward… and far. I’ll go there still eventually to check up on them though. For now, I’m spreading my wings of faith and meeting new people. 🙂

I’ll be at Mountaintop this Sunday. Was supposed to go last week, but helped a friend who was stranded get home. Always down to help!

I really don’t have much to say tonight otherwise. I’m just seeing how comfortable I can get using my cell phone to type my blogs for the time being since my laptop went to Hell broke.

*I need to watch my language here. *

Drummer just showed up… hey, that’s my homeboy Chris! Congrats on the new addition to your family bruh!

Man, I can’t wait to have kids too. Let me stop though; thats a whole blog’s worth of writing .

I’ve got no witty pictures for you tonight. Yes, I see the little picture link, so maybe next time. Practice, I say!

Never mind… 5 second model pose.

Here it goes... MAGNUM!

Tomorrow we’ll continue the relationship talk… Hopefully. These Pain Week people are killing me at work. I can’t help that they waited until te week before the conference to book their rooms… I mean, I still have rooms and all… its just going to cost $600 per night. Shouldn’t have scheduled your conference the same week as a Jane’s Addiction concert man!

Anyway, that too is the subject of another blog.

Till next time, @Showtorious on Twitter and Instagram… and yes, I love you too.



One thought on “Blogging in Church

  1. I am looking for a more permanent church home myself. This is the first time In my life I have been without and it’s not a good feeling. So take your time, and explore. Also where your spirit hits you to write…you wrote I look forward to more! Continued Blessings

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