A Blog of Friday Randomness…

I’m seriously thinking of bringing back Keeping Up with the Khidashian. That blog was perfect for random stuff like this.

It’s Friday and I have a few hours to kill, so why not? Today I’ve been stalking the pages of Southern California again, as my friend Trainai and I are headed there to tear the place up again in a couple weeks.

Last time we went it was a complete blast. We hit Disneyland, the Grand Opening of Cars Land at California Adventure, Huntington Beach and Port of Call for one of the best seafood dining experiences ever. 

Not only will we make an appearance at Downtown Disney again and revisit Huntington Beach, we plan on being touristy this time around including sightseeing, renting bikes to ride up the PCH, eating more unhealthy foods that we can’t find in Las Vegas and shopping.

Sigh… I long for the day I can return to shopping honorably. Not so much the money part of course; there’s always money lurking everywhere for that stuff, but I’m in the midst of a weight loss revolution! My goal is 60 pounds by December… so far I’m down 7. If I can knock out 23 more by Halloween (approximately two months from now) I’d be a happy camper. I know it’s lofty, but I’m up for the challenge.

I plan on not actually shopping until those first 60 pounds are gone. Yeah, I said the FIRST 60. I’m nice looking as am right now, but if I lost 60 pounds I’d truly be kingly. If I dropped 120 I’ll either look 50 Cent in All Falls Down sick or like WWE’s David Otunga, with a better face. Don’t start, I’m far better looking than him… can probably wrestle better too.

Truthfully, I’m not one for the muscles. I just want to be able to wear my 2XL basketball jerseys again by the time the season starts. Is that too much to ask?

120 pounds is too much, by the way. I think 85 to90 pounds is more realistic. I’d be nice and aerodynamic then.

Anyway, like I said I’m only killing time. I really don’t have a lot to work with right now. I just want these last three hours to hurry up and be over with!  I do have more relationship stuff to talk about, but I probably won’t get that uploaded until Sunday.

I’m now on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I have no idea with LinkedIn and Pinterest do quite yet, but you can follow me everywhere now @Showtorious, including MySpace… still.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


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