Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate


   *Highly Confidential*

Codename: Showtorious


Showtorious is a specialist in psychological warfare, espionage, communications and disguise. Fully self trained; he is one of the world’s most prolific relationship experts. He is a consummate professional and a complete gentleman; arguably the best in the world.


Showtorious started in the field as a late bloomer. He spent time with the Misery Brigade fresh out of high school, later joining up with Reliance, Inc. After honing his social skills for a year, he branched out into the Savage Land where he became familiar with his heightened common sense. Not impressed with the lack of challenge in the Savage Land, he settled down with N-Vision to whom he remained loyal for nearly 5 years.

Breaking away from N-Vision he partnered up with his trusty sidekick, Katrina Starlight and began the search for team stability. Using his collective of skills, he found himself with the Honeybee initiative for nearly two years. When Honeybee relocated to Texas, Showtorious parted ways on good terms and remains an ally to this day.

After the departure of Honeybee, Showtorious used Decepticon technology to ‘jump’ into an alternate universe where he co-founded the Justice League of Las Vegas and teamed with Anarchic Harmony, whom he had planned to retire with. Three years later he was double crossed by the director of AH and its family of goons, resulting in a strike against the force using teleported connects from the Honeybee initiative during Anarchic Harmony’s 25th Anniversary Gala.  

Showtorious disbanded the Justice League of Las Vegas and went into seclusion with Wicked. Truly happy there for a year, he had met his match and discovered his weakness to irrationality at the same time. Wicked has since vanished from Earth and can only be found trolling cyberspace using abandoned technology.

 *Personality Profile* 

  • Showtorious is a master strategist; adept at professional and social planning and execution.
  • His analytical thinking and conversation quality is in the 99 percentile of all Americans. His listening skills are on a level that most only dream about.  
  • He is keen to use several disguises and voices as part of his espionage expertise.
  • Domestic skills include cooking, baking and mixology.
  • His primary reference and communication device is a Motorola Atrix 2 with Android software.
  • Works well in team environments but is more than competent working alone.
  • His personal goal in life is to make everyone around him smile and to promote positivism and love through his actions in business and philanthropy. 
  • He seeks to have a family of his own with a mate who is defined as “loyal, beautiful inside & out and not crazy.”
  • Wants to have as many children as possible and will commit to only the right carrier of the seed.
  • Though he tries to remain low profile, he’s regarded as a local celebrity and social media royalty.
  • He’s high class and low maintenance. A perfect one/two punch of excellence.

*Positive and Negative Weaknesses*

  • + When it comes to the opposite sex, pretty face, nice lips, well kept hair and pretty toes will float his boat. Conversations, random silliness, shared values and good times are necessary.
  •  + Sushi, chicken fingers, ranch dressing, hot sauce, anything with cookies & cream, Mexican and Italian cuisine.
  • + Abnormally high immune system efficiency. Medically immune to several medications including THC.  
  • + Acute ability to heal rapidly from mental or emotional trauma.
  • – Showtorious’ psychological warfare abilities are ineffective versus the irrational or insane.
  • – Allergic to most colognes and perfumes, some dairy products and metals less that 14K gold.  
  • – Shows no tolerance for ignorance, abuse or injustice.
  • – Tends to put the world first, his problems second.
  •  -Can be too nice at times; this is side effect to rapid healing abilities.


Showtorious is the perfect gentleman; a wonderfully loyal and intelligent person. He’s is firmly on the side of good and it a great catch for anyone who likes random deep conversations, good times and emotional stability. The closed minded need not apply.


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