Wal-Mart Wedding Rings…. and other Randomness

I do believe it’s time to colonize Mars. Pets get social security and everybody gets a cow for their yard and a cat for their couch. My name is Show’Chi Drake and I’m running for president in 2016. – Paid for by the Drake/Bauer campaign and the party for common sense.

Rest assured that unless we’re talking about my upcoming candidacy I will never use my space here to get political.  I do my own research and vote for whoever is the lesser of two evils. On the real, I don’t even need a full term; I could fix this country in 9 months with a check book and a bottle of rum. Of course, I’d probably get shot during those 9 months, but that’s beside the point.

I’m only here for a quick update. I’ve got writer’s block and a crazy need for a part time job so forgive me for not meeting my promised posting time (See, I told you I can be president; already breaking promises!) I’ve been doing a lot of applications and using a lot of my resources and time to ensure my finances are up to par. Plus I have bills to pay and sh*t to buy for Christmas including an engagement ring from Wal-Mart.

Don’t lie; you’d rock that.

Don’t judge me, they have layaway there.

Where else can you put a ring, an elliptical and a shitload of cheap DVD’s on hold until mid December? Case closed.

Plus they make a mean Filet ‘O Fish at the McDonald’s of my branch…

I bet you didn’t think I’d get a Filet o Fish reference in two blogs straight did you? We’ll here’s another. *snicker*

About that Filet O’ Fish Life

Until I can get a decent blog up, feel free to review my other goodies. Good reads;  informative and entertaining is my policy. Keyword entertainment… I’ll never buy my girl a Walmart ring. The f*ck I look like? LOL

I’m So Feeling Her

The Inferiority Complex in Relationships

The Filet ‘O Fish of Dating

… and for the newbies,  an adult peice: Melina.

You know where to get me. @Showtorious on twitter, instagram and all other forms of media.


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