Extraordinary 3: Best in the World!

It’s not shoes on my feet or the tie on my neck.

I’m more than a gun, I demand this respect.

It’s not the location of my phone or the tuck in my shirt.

It’s the strength of my game that determines my worth.

It’s the knowledge in my mind, the swagger in my voice.

It’s the deliverance of our message with the words of my choice.

I am Extraordinary Man, this you already know.

Salute the smile on my face and my poetic flow.

I’m a dreamer and hustler and never I’ll rest.

For this world is my kingdom and in it I’m best!

It’s not the car that I drive or the cat that I own.

There’s not an ass that I’ll kiss to get tossed a bone.

I won’t beg you invest in me, I create my own destiny.

I’ll brawl and I’ll fight till the bloodiest death of me.

I won’t give you my full strength for you are not ready.

My focus is ruthless and my crosshairs are steady.  

I am my own man and survivor, with the heart of a king.

You can stand by my side or just kiss the ring.

My shine is unfading and powers ripe to be unfurled.

I’m Extraordinary Man, and I’m the best in the world!!!!

Inspired by CM Punk!

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