Random Rants of Weight Loss

Bare with me folks, there’s a moral to this rant. But for now, just read…

[Start Rant]

Rant 1:
Most people lose weight when they are sick.  I get sick and 4 pounds magically appear on me. Frankly, it’s to the point where it’s impossible to lose anything without working out. You’d like that after working out 5-6 days a week for three months my metabolism will actually balance enough to keep me square when I’m down, but no.  Not my body. That would be too easy. No more days off. It’s going to be 7 days a week from here on out.

Rant 2:

I’m down 24 pounds and I have personal deadlines to meet. I wanted to lose 4.3 pounds each week going into St. Patrick’s Day…. Now, I’m going to be forced to push my comeback date back. Don’t even start with me about that 2-3 pounds of weight loss is healthy bullshit. Yes, it’s healthy, but when you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight (I NEED TO LOSE 80), 4/5 pounds is perfectly fine.

March 16th was my first deadline to have 40 off, looks like I’ll be closer to the 35 mark by then; maybe less if I can’t get my metabolism to agree with me.

I’m still going to my concert and I’m still going to have fun but everything I wanted to do, including having a drink or two has changed. My straightedge approach will remain. No beer, no red meats and no fried foods. I’ll be the only bastard at a Flogging Molly concert with no buzz on St. Patrick’s Day Eve… and I can forget about enjoying myself at the parade/BBQ on the 17th.  I’ll be eating veggies and drinking unsweetened iced tea as usual.

Rant 3:

I’ve lost inches, but pounds don’t want to translate. Yes, losing inches is a personal goal and that’s all fine and dandy for my long term health, but fuck, there’s money on the line at work! The team that loses the most weight by the end of April receives internal money worth up to an extra day off at work; amongst other things. I’m my team’s captain; what do I look like GAINING weight during competition and I’m actually working out like a beast to no results?

Rant 4:

Planet Fitness is a great gym and a horrible gym at the same damn time. As the Average Joes of the real world, they promote non-judgment zones have a ‘lunk alarm’ that goes off whenever a jackass drops weights repeatedly, offer pizza the first Monday night and bagels on the second Tuesday of each month. Their customer service is really good as well. It’s a feel good place, right? Well, yes.

The problem is I don’t go to the gym to feel good. I go to the gym to fucking lose weight. Planet’s equipment is top notch, clean and there is enough to go around for those who are not trying to lose hardcore poundage, but I have huge problem with the fact that they have massage chairs and tanning beds but do not to have a steam room, sauna or a pool.

 To me, to be considered a gym those facilities are required.

Pizza and Bagels... at a gym. Seriously.
Pizza and Bagels… at a gym. Seriously.

As much as I love the place, I had to go back to what I know. While I still have a membership there for $10 a month on light days, my gym home is and always will be the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs. Granted its $22 a month, but they have a larger facility, more convenient locations, a damn pool, saunas, steam rooms, actual workout classes, a café and scales in the locker room.

SCALES! In a gym, yes… they way it should be. Planet Fitness doesn’t have a damn scale in their building… but they have tanning beds.

Also, as great as pizza can be, it’s a gym people… The last thing I want is the smell of Little Caesar’s  funking up the joint when I’m doing my WWE Monday Night Raw cardio sessions!

I lost 119 pounds within the walls of the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs between 2005/2006. In 2013 I have returned to lose the remaining 80.

Rant 5:

I know, this sounds like a negative column. You’re right. It’s all bad. However, this is how I purge my frustrations; through writing. I don’t dwell on negativity, but I will expel it. Now that all of my frustrations are off my chest, I can finish my work for the day and then report to the gym tonight, stress free.

The point I’m making is that everybody hits a wall at some point during their weight loss journey. I’m at my wall and this is my way of breaking through it. Never give up and never let negativity deter you from keeping at it. You didn’t get big over night and you won’t get small overnight either. It’s a focused effort that will take several weeks and months to be successful with. The best you can do is believe in yourself, push your team mates and let them push you in return. If you don’t have team mates, don’t worry.

 Batman works perfectly fine alone, so can you.


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