Ready for St. Patrick’s Weekend!

So this weekend was supposed to be a halfway celebration. Not so. I’m sitting at 32 pounds lost; I should be at 40… I still plan on having fun, but there will be no green beer for me on St. Patrick’s weekend. Instead, I’ll treat myself to sugarless lime Jell-o, cucumbers in vinegar and Brussels sprouts for my green treats. In lieu of my beer buzz, I’ll have a shot or two of Jameson. I can’t just be completely sober on March 17th, after all. Bottom line though, we have a greater goal to obtain than getting drunk on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Justice League @ St Patrick's Day
The Justice League of Las Vegas

Like getting drunk on Memorial Day… and going shirtless at the beach by my birthday in July. I WILL be down 60 and 80 pounds respectively by then, guaran-damn-teed!

St. Patrick’s weekend is one of my favorite weekends. Not just for the diet cheating, but it serves as a time for my friends and I to be young and free when we’re not really young or free anymore. This year I’m kicking off the weekend with a Flogging Molly concert at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I never even heard of Flogging Molly until they announced the damn concert. My friend Olga however advised me that they were classified as Celtic Punk. A quick search on YouTube and I was an instant fan.

Celtic Punk on THIS particular weekend? F*ck yes, this show is going to kick ass.

Flogging Molly

After the concert on Saturday night, I’ll find SOMETHING to do. This is Vegas, after all. One of our local pubs, MVP’s (a Chicago bar, mind you) is hosting live music all night and $3 Jameson shots, in addition to their usual $5 pitchers of beer. Like I said, I’ll lay off the green Budweiser and be good, but whoever rolls with me can feel free to enjoy. Besides it’s not like they don’t have a full bar of other low calorie goodness anyway. Just don’t ask me to do Jager shots…. Ugh.

Sunday is tricky as there are so many things to do and so little time to do them. I do plan on starting my day at the Sons of Erin festival in Downtown Henderson. It’s a yearly event out here that features a classic car show, a parade and a carnival as well as live music, shopping and cheat foods for days. Ask my homeboy Tony about the goodies. The man is a connoisseur of all things funnel cake!

Last year was particularly special though; it was at this event that I learned about the impending birth of my godson, Antonio. You’ve seen him on my Instagram; he’s a cute little dude. On that same day last year it was also the first time I ever drove a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Jaguar as well. Needless to say it was a good day.

After Sons of Erin it gets complicated. Last year we did an impromptu cookout at the house. It was raining, so Mr. George Foreman put in work for the crew that afternoon. This year, it looks to be a dry forecast so I’m leaning towards either a REAL cookout (potluck style, of course) or hitting a local pool party in the city. One thing for certain is that I’m off work that day and SOMETHING is going down.

I always say it’s important to have a contingency plan. The Murphy’s Law annual St. Patrick’s Day Block party never fails in that case. It’s also cool for cheap people like me. Free love entertainment and they give free drinks to those who donate canned food and I have tuna and string beans for DAYS.

What am I saying? I’m not giving my shredding food up for empty calories. As Thor would say, “Be gone, thoughts of drunken stupidity!”


My green mayor hat, green beads and green flip flops are already on deck. So yeah, I’m ready.

Bring it on St. Patrick’s Day 2013.


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