Diary: The NBA Needs Derrick Rose… This year. #TheReturn



The debate amongst my team’s fans right now is should Derrick Rose hold out until next year or attempt a comeback  this season. Heading into tonight’s game there are 15 regular season games left in the season, the Bulls are the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference and looking at the 9th place Philadelphia 76ers who are 8 games out of the last playoff spot, one could say they top 8 are pretty much set.

But is this season worth Derrick Rose coming back for? Hell yes, it’s worth it.

I don’t know about you, but I never give up on my team.

I am a Bulls fan for life. Through ups, downs, injuries, frustrations – whatever. I am a Bulls fan. My team can be 20 games under .500 and I’ll still be rocking our colors.

Granted, it looks like it’s going to take a bounty on Lebron James’ head to stop the Heat from repeating as champions this year but who’s to say that’s a lock in the first place?

Remember when the 2007 New England Patriots ran the table in the NFL and then lost in the Superbowl? Exactly; anything is possible in professional sports. While the odds say Miami’s only competition may be the San Antonio Spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder, any team is capable of catching fire and cooling off the Heat, even a 6th, 7th or 8th place healthy Chicago Bulls.

Back to Derrick Rose though; I understand the pressure he is facing. The man just signed a max contract for a team who has been traditionally cursed at the point guard spot. He’s essentially the face of an entire city and is looked at as the next coming for Chicago Sports. He’s the league’s youngest MVP in history. If he doesn’t come back and perform to that level the hate is going to come HARD.

We’re no Philly, but Chicago sports fans are hard-asses. Don’t let our love for the Cubs fool you. We KNOW they are going to suck year after year. The White Sox seem to get crazy universal love as well, since they at least stay competitive during their seasons but for our Hockey, Basketball and Football fans are ferocious.

Derrick Rose respects what the fans expect and that is excellence. So his stance about waiting to be 110% mentally and physically ready is acceptable to me. He has a lot to live to so it’s important that when he does come back he’s ready to endure the pressure in brings regardless if it’s negative or positive.

He’s not there yet. But in a few more days he very well could be. Like he said, only God knows when he’ll be ready and at that time, he’ll play.

He could even make his comeback against the rival Miami Heat on Wednesday, March 27th.

If he is truly ready to play that day, why should be remain seated? He’s being paid. If he can play and is ready, I say to let the man play. Even if his efforts don’t result in an NBA championship, is there any harm in getting him some real NBA minutes? Looking in from a coaching standpoint, it’s a great opportunity to gauge where he is and to see how he reacts with his new team mates in real life game scenarios?

Well, what if he gets injured again?

He can get injured on the first day of NEXT season and miss an entire year again. This can happen to ANY player. These are professionals, why should they be scared to play?

Lebron James, Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant could ALL tear their ACL’s tomorrow. Are their teams still the favorites to win? Well, San Antonio is known to run without its stars anyway so perhaps they would be, but are you saying that a Chicago Bulls team with a healthy Rose, Deng, Boozer and Noah are incapable of taking out a Heat team without Lebron James in the lineup? If so, then you have no business being a basketball fan.

I don’t expect any of those players to get injured of course, but it could happen; so can these scenarios.

Derrick Rose makes his return on Wednesday night in Chicago vs. the Miami Heat. He’s sluggish and only manages to shoot 2-18 from the field; his defense is sloppy and he eventually fouls out early in the 4th quarter. Miami ends up beating Chicago by 40 points, Lebron James makes a poster our of Rose like he did Jason Terry and people will say, oh, Derrick should have just stayed out until next year.

Or, Derrick Rose can come back and have 18 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals to go along with double-doubles by Boozer and Noah, another 22 points from Luol Deng and the Chicago Bulls could end up snapping the second longest winning streak in NBA history by BEATING Miami by 12 points at the United Center. The Bulls could also follow that performance with a 9-3 finish regular season.

In that event EVERYONE who said that Derrick Rose should wait till next year would collectively shut the f*ck up and welcome the Bulls back to the championship conversation.

Bottom Line…

The Knicks want no part of a healthy Bulls team in the opening round of the playoffs in a 3/6 matchup. Shit, they couldn’t even handle Chicago when they weren’t healthy.

The Pacers want no part of a healthy Bulls team PERIOD in a 2/7 matchup.

The Heat would LOVE to see Chicago in a first round 1/8, especially if Derrick Rose comes back and snaps their streak. The Heat love a challenge and realistically, only the Indiana Pacers and a healthy Chicago Bulls would stand a chance as it seems at dethroning Lebron and company in the East.

Miami is a cool team to watch stomp holes in teams around the league but without a serious rival to give them a challenge, what’s the point of watching the Eastern Conference playoffs? I mean you already know who’s going to win, right?

It’s bad enough that some people put an asterisk on their current championship because it was an abbreviated season and they didn’t go through a healthy Chicago. Beating a healthy Chicago with a Rose who missed the majority of the year will likely draw the ire of a few haters still, but it’s another step in their legacy.

Next year will be the big year though. Imagine the Heat vs. Bulls with a season of strength behind them and a potential three peat in the wings for Miami. All I have to say is remember what happened in 1990.

The Pistons didn’t three-peat. We did, after FINALLY beating them! No predictions; I’m just saying.

The Chicago Bulls need Derrick Rose. The Miami Heat needs Derrick Rose. The NBA needs Derrick Rose.

The return of Derrick Rose doesn’t guarantee anything championship wise for Chicago; however it would make the playoffs and the immediate future of the NBA a whole lot more fun in my opinion. Its just a better league with him ACTIVE in it.

This has been another entry into the Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan!



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