The Good Karma Getback

Two years ago today I showed an ex the door in style, on her birthday. I still smile at the way that night at Nu Sanctuary went. Of course that has nothing to do with anything currently; I just like to bring that victory up because it was orchestrated to perfection and was a great night.

Spring salutations to all, it’s April 8th, 2013 and this is another edition of Unplugged; you know, the main blog. I used to call it Keeping Up with the Khidashian, but I kind of grew out of my KK crush. So Showtorious Unplugged it is, where you may still keep up with me.
The last time we met, I had just been christened as the first ever multi department employee at the hotel I work for in Las Vegas and things were finally stabilizing in my life.

Fast forward to today. I’m not doing the multi-departmental thing anymore. I’m back to where I came from, working in Resort Services, but with a twist. The reason they called me back to this office is all positive. I’m officially involved in the management development program. To be more specific, my bosses love me so much that they are training me to not become a supervisor but to become an actual resort services, front desk or resort manager. Success is what they suspect from me and I’m happy to accept this role and use it to eventually grow into executive status.

I’m not allowed to really talk about the hotel that I work for on here due to branding and all that corporate jazz, but if I made it into property management or executive status, I’m pretty much a made-man ANYWHERE in the industry. Yes, my resort is kind of a big deal at the moment.
It takes a lot to be in this industry and smile through the many changes. I feel for my colleagues and friends who dislike the place or who are no longer with us, but hospitality has been my passion for a long time so when someone gives me an opportunity I jump all over it.
I keep my skin thick, mind open and mouth running because in 5 years I intend to be on that top 5 under 40 list in the Las Vegas hospitality industry.
I also picked up a second job. Not sure if I’m able to name drop them so I’ll wait on that detail, but it’s a cool side gig. I’ll be working as an usher for special events, concerts and such. Right up my alley, huh?

Believe it or not it took me two years to find a part timer… sheesh. Almost gave up.
I know, I’m filibustering the main event so I’ll get to it.
I’m officially no longer on the market. Well, Amber and I have been dating exclusively and have been together for a while but last week we made it Facebook official, much to the chagrin of many, many hopeful females whom I hope are still my friends.
Though I dispute the notion, people say nothing is official until you Facebook the shit. So there you have it.

There really was no competition. Amber is a brilliant complement to me. She’s gorgeous, has no kids, is close to graduating from UNLV, speaks properly, is financially independent and has a ton in common with me. Most importantly, we took out time getting to know each other before jumping into a relationship. That was truly important to me.

Not to say that the females I was talking to prior to committing were bad by any means, but they just weren’t right for me. With my Amber Alert everything feels natural. It doesn’t feel like I’m constantly working to get her approval. It just feels good being around her and spending time with her.
She also thought I was cute BEFORE I lost these 45 pounds. (Since January)

The only thing that felt weird at first was dating someone who wasn’t considered a ‘big girl’ which is usually my de facto ‘type’ but after the first couple dates it was completely clear that she was going to win my heart. That she did.

As a matter of fact, we’re moving in together on the 1st of May. How’s that for big news?
We’ve been approved for a GREAT apartment on the border of Henderson and Las Vegas. My cat has her own room again and short of having an ice maker and it’s like the perfect layout for us. Then again, ice makers that are built into apartment refrigerators traditionally suck, so I guess it’s not a bad thing not having one.

Personally, I can’t wait to decorate and officially open Chef Chi’s Kitchen!
The cool thing is that I’ve had apartments before, but I haven’t been this excited going into one EVER. Amber likely deserves the credit for that. Besides sharing a residence with her, she’s totally on board with turning this rental space into a HOME, which is something I had NEVER done before. I’m talking about getting curtains, fancy décor, and our own scent when you walk in – the works.


Those of you who have followed me for a while know the stuff I’ve gone through to get to this point. I still have a few challenges in front of me that need to be addressed, but at this point in time, I only see good things for my future.
People always refer to Karma as being a bitch. Not me. For when you try not to do wrong Karma is always going to take care of you in the end, in a good way.
I have a new entry in the  Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan coming up by the weekend as well as the long awaited return of The Showtorious Relationship Series shortly thereafter, I PROMISE.

Oh and next month after we get settled, there WILL be a new computer in my life… AmberChi’s first major purchase together. CAN’T WAIT!

Till next time — Blessed and never stressed and that’s why I’m the BEST (in the world)!


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