Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan: 2013 Season Finale


Season Finale: NBA Finals Observations

There is one more game left in the NBA season. The San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat are going into game seven.

San Antonio Observations:

  • Tim Duncan left is all on the floor in game 6; first ballot Hall of Fame player win or lose. A fifth ring would be a great way to retire.
  • A caller on Jim Rome said it best, at this point of his career Manu Ginobli is only decent every 3rd or 4th game. He had a stellar game 5, but in game 6 he had 8 turnovers and lacked aggression on offense. Horrible.
  • Tony Parker isn’t Michael Jordan, so he should stop trying to be. A great player yes and clutch all day, but that three in overtime wasn’t needed and he could have done more to get others involved.
  • If San Antonio wins, there will be changes but they will be in playoff contention for a while longer. Gregg Popovich is a great coach, arguably better than Phil Jackson in my opinion considering the talent he’s had to work with and I just don’t see him ending his greatness on the bench.
  • If San Antonio loses, they’ll be alright.

Miami Heat Observations:

  • Take Lebron James off this team and you have the Milwaukee Bucks. James struggled for three quarters, but was absolutely dominant in the 4th on his way to a triple-double.
  • Lebron should go ahead and shave his head and just leave the headband off. It seemed like he came alive even more when he lost the hairpiece.
  • All jokes aside, Chris Bosh was clutch tonight where it mattered. He wasn’t an offensive threat, but he was active on rebounds and the block at the end was a great play.
  • Ray Allen is the greatest three point shooter of all time, don’t forget that.
  • If Miami pulls it out in game 7, someone needs to kindly sit Dwayne Wade down, thank him for his service and amnesty him into retirement. Sad for Heat fans, but their championship window is closed after Thursday if they don’t add more quality to their lineup. Wade is no longer an elite player and short of one great game in the finals, he’s been terrible throughout the playoffs.
  • If Miami loses, Pay Riley is going to blow the team up. Bosh and Wade are both expendable. If Riley has an opportunity to ship Bosh off and Amnesty Wade it would clear up enough room to bring in CP3 and Dwight Howard. Pair them up with Lebron James and it could get real scary. Unrealistic as all Hell, but I’m just saying.

Overall Observations:

  • It took these teams 6 games to put on an exciting one. I’ll be glad when this finals series is over.
  • The NHL Playoffs >>> NBA Playoffs this year.
  • I’m going to watch my Bulls in the Summer League this year.
  • ABC/ESPN is being hated on by Fox Sports because they don’t have the NBA on a national level. They’ve even gone as far as to claim that the games are fixed to go to seven games.
  • To Fox’s credit ABC/ESPN’s coverage of the NBA is abysmal.
  • I miss the NBA on NBC. They shit on ABC, ESPN, Turner and everything Fox does including Football… and the John Tesh theme song? I’m going to play that song somewhere during my wedding.
  • Bulls vs. Thunder in the finals next year. Bulls in 5, by the way.

Summer League coverage on deck. Eff your team, it’s all about the Bulls.



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