The Showtorious Walt Disney World Series

The last time we talked Disney here in Showtorious Unplugged, it was a two part series which delved into the must see/must eats of Disneyland and conquering the mighty park in 8 hours. Both were well received.

Today we start over. It’s not a trip to California though; my girl and I are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. I haven’t been to the big show since 2005 and it feels so overdue.

I’ve been there twice, actually. The first time was in 2004 as a surprise wedding gift and then again in 2005. The first time I traveled there, I was completely overwhelmed by the place, especially since I was about 390something pounds.

If you’re wondering what weight has to do with a Disney trip, let me tell you. Being obese is the worst thing you can be when visiting the big resort. 400 pounders just don’t get around very easily. I was mess. To make matters worse, I wore cheap Payless sandals to Epcot on day one.

I’ll let you marinate on that scenario for a moment. I wore cheap, wood bottomed sandals on my flat feet to EPCOT on day one.

My Disney veterans know how annoying Epcot can be with the wrong shoes on. The place is HUGE. To add that kind of weight just extenuates the circumstances. By the time we finished the day, I could barely walk. I remember stumbling back into our room at Port Orleans Riverside and collapsing into the bathroom tub, where I had to soak for an hour before even THINKING about actually washing up. I was unable to walk without substantial pain for about three days.

I was such a novice. Then again, I had never really been on a real vacation before. I thought my outfit was fine beforehand.

The next day I made it a point to wear my sneakers. Not being a fan of shoes in general, I packed my good Reebok flip flops into my backpack for the day so I was prepared to switch a couple times in case I got tired of the foot closure. The shoe switch prep is a practice I’ve adopted for all Disney trips since that day.

During my return in 2005, not only was the shoe game up to par, but my cardio was slowly getting together. I had lost maybe about 25 pounds before making my return that year. Still big and uncomfortable, but as least I didn’t have knee issues throughout the duration of my stay.

Fast forward to today. I’m certainly not 390 pounds anymore. I’m sub-300 actually. I have some ways to go to reach my goal of 220 pounds of pure milk chocolate but if I went to Disney World today, I could confidently navigate the parks without physical limitations. Like all my trips, I plan on working Disney World into a science.

When I return to Disney World, I plan on being in the best shape of my life. I’m already nice and 55 pounds down on the journey so far, but by February next year, I’ll easily be there. Believe it or not, getting into Disney shape is the easy part.

Lots of things have changed since I’ve last visited the World Resort. For instance, Everest, which was under construction back in the day, is alive in kicking inside Asia at Animal Kingdom. Star Tours has been revamped into a 3D experience and the Magic Kingdom has opened New Fantasyland, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Those items are just the tip of the iceberg, I have my work cut out for me.

I have to re-educate myself on all things Walt Disney World. I classify myself as a level 4 Disneyland expert (I lost a level due to an incomplete in the California Adventure park – I haven’t been on the Cars Land rides because they were CRAZY during the time I went, Grand Opening weekend.) and in 2005 I classified myself as a level 5 Disney World expert.

Today I’m a level 3 expert and that’s mostly because a lot can change in 8 years; I feel that if I don’t go back soon I’ll lose my expert classification all together.

The good news though, is that while I re-educate myself I’ll be sharing the wealth of knowledge that I obtain with you, my friendly readers. I’ve been known for my meticulous planning when it comes to vacations so I hope you enjoy as I blog about all things Disney for a few months.

The plan is to cover hotel options, transportation, food, nightlife, airfare planning, budget and of course the parks! Including the water parks and the Downtown Disney experience, there are 7 main areas of the resort to cover. Lots to be intimidated by for a first timer, I know. The time gap between trips for me makes it feel like I’m going for the first time all over again. I’m excited already.  I hope you enjoy the Showtorious Walt Disney World Series, coming soon to Showtorious Unplugged.

P.S. – You may learn a few things about planning a Las Vegas trip along the way, as a supplement to my Disney travel blogging. Think of it a bonus. After all, Vegas’ greatest concierge turned Resort gun-for-hire knows a few things about his city. 😉


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