My July Fitness Update

“Your weight loss journey isn’t a race, it’s a marathon.” – I have no idea who coined that phrase, but it’s so true.

July 2013 Fitness Update

workoutMy health conscious behavior restarted again in December last year. Today I’m down 68 official pounds and have another 82 to go to make my ultimate goal. All I ever promised myself was to get healthy, no matter how long it took. The first time I lost 119 pounds in 2005-2006 it actually took me a full 13 months to get it together. So only being down 68 after 7 months isn’t a downer to me.

What I find unbelievable though is the fact that after all the weight that I lost; I’m only down 4 inches. Madness, I know. That belly fat is a bitch to lose; as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s my belly and midsection that makes up that entire 82 pounds that I have left. My arms are slowly getting definition and below my knees my legs are rock-solid but that damn stomach just likes to shrink when it feels like it. Then again, when you carry 300 pounds around for as long as I had, your legs had better have been in good shape.

Have you ever noticed that if you search online NO ONE has actual tips for big people in regard to losing belly fat? Oh, for those who are looking to tone and slim down their already reasonable frame there is information for DAYS, but not for the big folks in the world.

Here’s the deal — there is no sure-fire way to target excessive, like close to 100 pounds excessive, belly fat. It’s only going to shrink with consistency. Your dietary intake and workout routine are your best friends. A slim wrap can also help but there’s no point in using the damn wrap if you’re not doing the rest of the job. No knock against the benefits of wrapping, but don’t let them folks who sell those wraps lie to you. Those results are not permanent unless you make them be.

That’s my two cents for this month. 

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The Current Showtorious Fitness Plan
Results for July : -11 pounds
Next goal:  -39 pounds by October 31st

             • Cardio – 1 hour per day, no exceptions.
                              o Cardio machines.
                              o Swimming 1-2 days per week.
                              o Zumba, Hip Hop dance, step, other dance classes as alternates.
                              o As much sex as possible – don’t hate. It’s great for your core. Plus I needed at least one reference for the blog. 
             • Lifting – Low to moderate weights, high reps. 25-40 minutes per session.
             • Emphasis on all natural, non-processed foods
             • Limited sugar, no high fructose corn syrup
             • Limited alcohol
             • Limited fried foods
             • Limited bread consumption
             • Limited red meat consumption
             • Increased fruit and vegetable consumption
             • 1 cheat day per week

I appreciate likes and comments by the way, both positive and negative; I see you reading. Feel free to give feedback. Let’s hear your weight-loss stories! Thanks!



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