30 Reasons from 30% Away

Me... from August 2, 2013
Me… from August 2, 2013

Big friends, have you ever imagined what it would be like after you hit the 100 pound lost mark? I’ve done it one time before and it felt tremendous— and then I gained a lot of it back. That’s what happiness and laziness does to people.

I’m all about the happiness however will NEVER fall into a lazy routine ever again. I never want to be over 300 pounds ever again either. Well, today I’m officially 30% away from 100 pounds lost.  Of course you know how I celebrate nowadays, I WRITE ABOUT IT!  To celebrate being 30 pounds away (70 total), I give to you 30 reasons to keep continuing the process.

These thoughts keep me motivated; I hope by sharing I can help motivate you as well. Happy reading!

30 Reasons from 30% Away!

  1. I already feel healthy but I want to LOOK healthy too.
  2. The thought of being 300+ pounds again scares me.
  3. I want to walk in a store, KNOW my size and walk out of the store happy without trying it on.
  4. The Rock inspires me. I want to get like that.

    The Rock
    The Rock
  5. Big & Tall clothes are fucking ugly. The sleeves are too long, they are cut all funny and in most cases they make you look fatter that you already are. I would just prefer not to have to wear anything from this section of a store
  6. It’s hard to find my size in pants. Seriously, who wears a size 41 in pants?
  7. I hate jeans, I’ll probably always hate jeans, but if I was smaller I could probably tolerate them better.
  8. I want to have the occasional beer binge and not feel like an elephant the next day.
  9. During said beer binge, I also don’t want to feel guilty when I smash the glass like Thor and yell, ANOTHER! – I want to do that without having to calculate the calories in my head.
  10. My boy Erik - he's a Tough Mudder F*cker, and a fitness inspiration.
    My boy Erik – he’s a Tough Mudder F*cker and a fitness inspiration.

    I totally want to do Tough Mudder with my boy Erik next year.

  11. I want to fit the free t-shirts I get when volunteering.
  12. It’s hard to find 3XL sports jerseys in stores.

    You see how 3XL and 4XL are not available?
    You see how 3XL and 4XL are not available?
  13. My sex game is nice but I have to admit to being sore after a good, long session… a stronger body means less pain afterwards.
  14. The arthritis in my knees isn’t getting any better.
  15. Tattoos look better on muscles instead of fat. I really want to tattoo lips on my chest when it’s ready. (see Rock tattoos)
  16. I want to have the strength to carry my bride over the threshold when I get married, regardless of her size.
  17. The beer binge? Same thing when it comes to the occasional chicken wings binge. No man should be without the occasional caloric splurge on the finer things in life… like chicken wings— and ranch dressing.
  18. I want to take side shots for my profile pictures online without having to crop my stomach out of the picture.
  19. I really want to shop at G by Guess, H&M and other trendy places.
  20. Playing basketball with your boys is so much easier when you can run for long periods of time.
  21. I’m not into running marathons but I would LOVE the ability to if I wanted.
  22. My sciatica is a bitch, sometimes. Less weight means fewer flare up issues.
  23. If I ever lose my job, I can always strip for a while until I find a decent replacement. Thick girls can make $$– thick guys can’t do shit!
  24. Obtaining acting roles is much easier when your body is on point.
  25. Airlines don’t trip on skinny people. I don’t have issues fitting into a seat now and I never want to.
  26. I look much younger when I’m smaller.
  27. Taking the skin off of fried chicken sucks!
  28. I want to go swimming without a shirt on.
  29. I want to be in the middle front of the picture showing off my body, not hiding in the background because I’m afraid of the angle of my belly.
  30. Boxing. Yes, I plan on being the heavyweight champion of the WORLD. Well, actually I just want to look cool in ring gear when I pose for Instagram pictures. 😉

If it’s hurtin’ its workin’! – Showtorious


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