I’m Feeling Myself


I can’t lie, I’m feeling myself.

I feel the extra space in my favorite dress shirt while I work.

I feel the relief in my bones; my sciatica is calm and my knees no longer hurt.

I feel energized when I move as opposed to the pain.

No flare ups in old injuries during sleep or in rain.

I’m getting there slowly but surely.

The goal is to be sleek and chiseled not unhealthy and burly.

I’m feeling elated, my smile is intact; when I finally get to goal I won’t know how to act.

I see you H&M; I see you G by Guess.

I see you form fitting T shirts, I see you without the size 3X.

I feel my arms getting harder, they’re getting mad stronger.

Muscles are coming though and my workouts are longer.

I plan on being shirtless in the pool, by the beach or just for the hell of it.

I already feel sexy but want my body to be relevant.

I turn 35 next year but don’t feel old in the least.

I’m coming along nicely; I’m feel like a beast!

A wise man once spoke that great health is true wealth.

So please don’t hate when I proclaim that I’m feeling myself.


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