Dear Hater…

You hate on me; or do you just hate me?
Which one is it? I’m really curious.
Does my demeanor offend you? You just seem so furious.
Is it because my life is coming together and I actually have a future?
Or it is because you can’t hold your shit together with a virtual suture?
Please. Grown man status homey, I’m about my business.
Not concerned about your opinion; nor am I seeking forgiveness.
I’m intentional; up front; I live my live on purpose.
Don’t snap on me because you find yourself feeling worthless.
You’re probably right, go ahead and off yourself, no one will miss you.
Living through the shades of disrespect is a bad situation, seriously, what’s the issue?
Grow up. Step up your shine. Stop trying to bring me down because you wish you had mine.
Your ass should special because you drew me out of my cave.
I hope this is the type of attention that you desire and crave.
Next time my name begins to creep across your lip… think of your own life asshole, because it ain’t about shit.


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