I am NOT a Runner.

I am NOT a Runner.

I only run occasionally because its an effective exercise for weight loss.

I’m not losing weight to run a marathon or to compete in any kind of race just to say, “YES I DID IT!!!” No. I’m losing weight to be healthy, fit nice clothes and walk around the beach while flexing my muscles without a shirt on. I do plan on doing Tough Mudder though, because that shit just looks fun. Other than that, when I can flex my muscles like the Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson, trust me, you’ll hear my primal scream from the top Sunrise Mountain in celebration, as I have met my goal.

My knees are messed up from carrying 300 pounds around for most of my adult life. I’m 34 years old; I don’t plan on having them replaced at 50 because I wanted to be Forrest Fucking Gump during and after my weight loss journey.

No disrespect to anyone who loves to run of course. These are just my thoughts.

F*ck running. That is all.

I’m going to pop a pain killer now.



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