The Gymflow Commitment

It’s like a second job, really. Only the pay is my better health. For that reason, it’s the best job I ever had.  – Me, referring to the gym life.

It’s actually a really good life. I’m 77 pounds down right now. Though I had a difficult month in September, I ‘m completely focused and dedicated to making things work better going forward.

That’s the first step in healthy living, if you ask me. Once you establish those goals, you have to continue to go for it, relentlessly. There’s going to be ups and downs throughout but remember it’s a journey – not a straight shot. Journeys have twists and turns; you’re going to have to explore many paths on your way to victory. You may have to switch up your food game from time to time and the exercise game needs to be modified constantly. Tedious as doing these things may seem it’s just something that needs to be done to ensure the effectiveness of your plan.

A commitment is a commitment. Results will vary. Some people may drop a gang of weight during the first month and others may take a while to get their body into a groove. Personally, I lost 30 pounds between December 2012 and January 2013. After that, it’s been a steady 2-3 pounds a week of loss. I think my maximum in a week since January was about 6 pounds.

Your body isn’t going to change overnight either. When I lost that first 30 pounds I didn’t drop a single clothing inch. I lost a bunch of water weight and my face and neck shrunk. That’s it. While that’s fine and dandy for selfies and Instagram love it does nothing for not wanting to shop in the big and tall anymore.

To the naked eye my body didn’t physically begin to change until mid-March when I hit the 45 pound loss mark. Was it frustrating working that long and not losing an inch? Hell yeah, it was but that’s where the discipline of dedication comes into play.

I read a quote somewhere online that said something to the effect of, “You didn’t get fat in a day; you won’t get skinny in a day, either.”

In some cases, skinny may not come for several months. It’s just something you need to accept before beginning your journey.

That workout is just a piece to the puzzle. The food is the most important part. You’re going to have a self-evaluation to decide where to cut from your normal intake.

Cheat days are essential to a proper diet. Plus they make you feel good. Between those cheat days though, monitoring what goes into your body is key. For instance, I LOVED drinking soda until I did some research and found that aspartame is a trick sweetener that makes your body crave more sweets. It can also cause all kinds of other health issues if overused.

Granted, those issues are EXTREMELY RARE; I’d rather use that as fodder not to indulge in the products. Anything in excess is problematic. You can drink too much water and die for goodness sakes. You’re going to hear a lot of trends and facts about what’s good and what’s not when you’re dieting, especially if you are active on the Internet and social media.  My buddy put me up on game regarding a lot of stuff and it’s been helpful considering he’s done the research and is happy to share with the world.

On the other hand of my informative friend, there are also health hacks who think they know it all. For instance, people who go on gluten free diets. Gluten free is a cool way to go if you have an allergy but these bums who are doing it because they think it’s the in-thing to do kill me. One of my best friends actually has Celiac Disease, which is an intolerance/allergy to products with gluten in them. She can’t digest that shit properly. I watched her in pain for YEARS before they were finally able to properly diagnose her. To see these dumb ass people jumping on the GF bandwagon for reasons they don’t even know of borderline pisses me off.

News flash: A gluten free diet will not make you lose weight. As a matter of fact, nothing is ever going to trump the old fashioned way of dieting. Eating right and working out is old school and tried and true.

A supplement here and there is okay but when you get started on these trends or fad techniques, you’re really setting yourself up for failure. Don’t get me wrong, some of these trendy diets work for some people but for the majority of folks they tend to have the same results.

I like to use the Atkins Diet as a prime example. There are folks out there who have been able to make that adjustment and have been successful.  I tried it in 2005 and lost 40 pounds in a month.  I also had a headache for 28 days out of that month and had difficulty with my energy levels.

I went to the doctor when my headache would not go away and was told that my blood sugar was fucked up. Mind you, I was off most sugars per the diet’s instructions. Essentially, the Atkins diet was killing me. Doctor gave me a granola bar with chocolate on it and it straightened me right out.  I also gained that 40 pounds back in short order.

I’ve done a lot of reading about HCG as well. It works for some folks. I have a friend of mine at work who put in work using it and lost a LOT of weight. She’s also managed to keep it off. What I’ve discovered through studies however that if you starve yourself with 500 calories a day, you’re probably going to lose a gang of weight anyway. That’s just the way human starvation works. It’s simple biology, really.

Don’t get me started on surgery.

The reason why I put this rant together today because it answers the first and most basic question I get on a regular basis. How did you get started?

I did a self-evaluation and committed whole heartedly to the weight-loss journey. I accepted the pace, the sacrifices of certain indulgences and dedicated myself to not giving up until I reached the goal.

I could probably write an entire book on the subject at this point but then I wouldn’t have time to hit the gym as much as I need to; priorities, you know. Keep fighting the good fight!

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Thank you for stopping by.  – Showtorious


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