50 Shades of Grocery Shopping

I told you I was going to post my shopping list. Thought I was playing with you, huh?

Boredom is a beast sometimes. Anyway, here’s a glimpse into my refrigerator… at least for this pay period. Cats are on a budget around here.

50 Shades of Grocery Shopping


  1. Almond Milk – Though I think I have cured my lactose intolerance, I prefer this lower calorie (better tasting) milk alternative.
  2. Whole Milk – Amber doesn’t do almond milk, she’s in better shape AND she can confidently digest it.
  3. Cereal – Amber’s addiction. Though very convenient for a quick breakfast.
  4. Oatmeal – Keeps you fuller, longer. Known to shrink stomachs. Been working so far.
  5. Eggs – Morning protein, enough said.
  6. Raisins – Snacking fodder.
  7. Shredded cheese – A world without cheese is a world I don’t want to live in.
  8. Green Beans – Shredding veggie, extraordinaire!
  9. Red Beans – Great for the heart, great source of fiber too! CGF of a 9, if you smell me?
  10. Brown Rice – Can’t have red beans without rice, duh!
  11. Romaine Lettuce – Iceberg is bullshit. More nutrients in this stuff.
  12. Spinach – Great to mix with Romaine for added nutrients in a salad, also great to eat cooked alone or in one of my signature omelets.
  13. Carrots – I eat salads and I juice a lot. Carrots are required in my life.
  14. Celery – Added crunch for the salads, added fluids for the juicing.
  15. Whatever berry is on sale. – Berries are hit or miss at times; price wise— especially considering you have to eat them quickly so they don’t spoil.  May be raspberry, may be strawberries. We’ll see what’s cheap this week.
  16. Chicken Breasts – Speaks for itself, really.  It’s like the holy grail of all dieting proteins.
  17. Tilapia – Cheap, tasty fish. Great for protein and easy to fry for a cheat meal.
  18. Shrimp – Just had a taste for shrimp. Usually grilled or tossed into pasta sauce.
  19. Whole chickens. – For sacrificing to the baking gods. You can eat a whole chicken for days after you cook it.
  20. Some kind of roast – It may be pork or it may be beef; corned or otherwise. Like the whole chicken, you can eat one of these for DAYS.
  21. Pot Pies – Convenient for days that I don’t get home early enough to cook or if I fail to prep the day before.  Amber rocks these mainly because she doesn’t like to cook. That’s my job. She cleans like a BEAST though.
  22. Apples – I munch on apples with my lunch mainly. I also juice with them
  23. Grapefruits – I started eating grapefruits again. Good for juicing, but I like to eat them straight. No sugar added. Once read a story saying they really help fat burning too. We’ll see.
  24. Lemons- Lemon juice, lemon slices. What’s there to explain?
  25. Radishes – Actually decent for juicing but I also slice them for salads too.
  26. Nuts – Healthy snack, nice source of good fat and protein.
  27. Banana Chips – Because nuts get boring alone.
  28. 100% Orange juice – It’s cheaper to buy 100% from concentrate than juicing 75 oranges to get a pint of juice.
  29. 100% Grape juice – Great for the change-up in the juice game. Also cheaper than juicing several pounds of actual grapes.
  30. Water (3 cases) – Self explanatory.
  31. S. Pellegrino Sparkling Water – This stuff got me off the soda pop. Also keeps me off the beer for the most part. The bubbles are needed for my sanity.
  32. Whole Grain Pasta – Good alternative to normal, more fattening pasta.
  33. Tomato sauce – Just can’t eat pasta without sauce.
  34. Quinoa – Never used the stuff before. Will experiment with it.
  35. Hummus – Best snack ever!
  36. Asparagus – Makes my urine smell HORRIBLE… but the veggie does its job well. Prices have been crazy recently though… $4.99 a pound? For real? – and I don’t do canned asparagus.
  37. Something whole grain to dip in the Hummus – Yeah, we’ll see how the wind blows on this one. I’m cool with dipping my veggies Hummus as well. Oh wait… (popped open a snack sized Sabra pack that comes with mini pretzels) PRETZELS! Heck yeah.
  38. Greek Yogurt – Give me a word; any word and I’ll tell you how it comes from Greek. This stuff is way better than the other stuff. Plus I don’t want my wedding to the of the Big Fat variety.  Great with fruit, especially those expensive berries!
  39. Crab Meat – Crab cakes on deck for our housewarming party. Yes, I gets down.
  40. Green Peppers – See 39.
  41. Onion – A must have for any kitchen.
  42. Cream Cheese – Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake was bomb last week… looking to perfect my recipe before the holidays.
  43. Pumpkin – See 42.
  44. Butter – Who doesn’t need butter in their house?
  45. Cucumber – More crunch for the salads.
  46. Rice Vinegar – I put this stuff on all my salads. I use dressing too but the flavor this adds helps keep me honest with it. I don’t need as much when rice vinegar is applied.
  47. Tomatoes – I’m eating a lot of salads here, right?
  48. Peanut Butter – Great on a teaspoon after a workout or spread on various veggies.
  49. Frozen lasagna – You have your cheats, I have mine. Plus you can eat one of these things for like a week! Though my better metabolism/better half requested this for this shopping trip and will consume most of this, I can’t let my inner Garfield go hungry.
  50. Honey – Great natural sweetener; also wonderful for sexual foreplay… I could go into detail with that but it’s none of your perverted business. LOL

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3 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grocery Shopping

    1. I like the natural aspects of juicing. I think you’ll like it as long as you don’t try crash juicing; where you give up all solid foods. That can be just as bad those trend diets.

      Also it’s good to know where to pick your battles in the market. Like oranges for instance. I never knew why restaurants charged so much for OJ until I found out how many damn oranges it took to get a simple cup of juice.

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