No Days Off


Last month my doctor told me to slow down on the weights. I did and though I feel that it really helped my endurance my shirts and pants remain the same for October. In my book that means I haven’t really done shit.

I’m going back on the heavy lifting. Building muscle never hurt anybody. I’m so tired of my belly. My shoulders, arms and lower legs are getting definition but my thighs and stomach just will not keep going down, continuously. Scratch that; there is movement, but it’s not going fast enough.

I took a picture yesterday at my nephew’s birthday party. It was an important picture because it featured my parents, my brother and I all together in good health and happy. I don’t recall the last time we’ve taken a picture together as a family. It felt good and I was ready to print it out and put in a frame for my house but I’m not going to. I didn’t like the way my shirt fit on me. I didn’t like to see my belly touching my shirt and I didn’t like to see my overall body twice as wide as my brother, still… with 80 pounds off. I’m never going to be 180 in solid muscle like him but something has got to give.

Fuck being fat.

This isn’t me getting down on myself either. This shit right here is MOTIVATION to keep going. I was planning to take a day off from the gym today but naaaah fuck that. I may not see another off day until Thanksgiving, which is the next family gathering.

I’m not going to kill another 80 in a month, but I won’t be STUCK at 80 anymore either. Watch me work.  #NoDaysOff


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