Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan: Weak, a Week In.


What can I say about this NBA Season so far?

It’s early, that’s for sure. Going into the week of November 4th (week 2), my Chicago Bulls are 1-2. We took a loss from Miami on opening night, beat the New York Knicks in Chicago on Halloween and dropped another one in Philly on Saturday.

Despite the one win, I was unhappy with the entire week. As a matter of fact, we could be 0-3 right now, which is nothing to be happy about.


What I’m going to need to see out of my team is consistent scoring this year. There’s always a drought that kills us in games. 5 field goals in 24 minutes are unacceptable for college, let alone the NBA. To make matters worse, when they go through these scoring droughts their defense isn’t doing much better.

Losing to Miami is what it was and the New York game should have been what is was considering the caliber of the teams but Philly should have been a statement game to a young team. Philly has HEART FOR DAYS. They put away Miami a couple nights before beating us in similar fashion but knowing how they would play against a good team why we’re the Bulls prepared for that kind of effort? Did they not do a scouting report on this squad? Lightning shouldn’t have struck twice for them.

This week we have a big division matchup in Indiana on Wednesday. Statement game, hello! We smashed them twice in the preseason but as we all know, the preseason means absolutely nothing in relation to real games.

Indiana is coming in as actually the favorite to win our division this year. That’s that shit I don’t like. Coming into their house and beating them with authority is what the Bulls will need to keep that kind of odds-making in check. I admit that I haven’t watched the Pacers first few games this season but I do know they are 3-0 against teams that they would have had no business losing to anyway. The Magic and Pelicans are bush league teams and the Cavaliers, though much improved, are no greater than an 7th or 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. With the way the 76ers are playing though, who knows how the brackets will look in April?

The Pacers have a warm up game in Detroit on Tuesday, so they could realistically be coming into our game 4-0 with a divisional win in the pocket.

I know Derrick Rose LOVES playing the Pacers. Look for that breakthrough game on Wednesday night. I want to see more out of Noah though. He’s still getting his playing lets back—I hope the rivalry brings out his best for us. We need that 15/15 from him in Indy.

We round off the week on Friday night at the United Center against the Utah Jazz who are 0-3 as of press time. With losses to an improved Phoenix, Oklahoma City and Houston, Utah hasn’t had an easy start to the year. They’ll be on the back end of a four game road trip when they get to Chicago.

They have back to back games in Brooklyn and Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, an off day on Thursday and another back to back with us on Friday and Toronto on Saturday.

I’m going on a limb and say that the Bulls will win both of their games this week and start fresh Sunday at 3-3.

I had a pretty good discussion about free agency this past weekend at my Godson’s birthday party. We’ll save that conversation for the next blog… or few blogs from now. I have some ideas. Of course, my ideas are all Bulls-Centric.  You know my rules.

This is Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan, after all.


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