Diary of a MAD Bulls Fan: Indiana Issues

1-3. Am I MAD? Yes.

Moves need to be made. I no longer believe in that ‘we have more than enough to win’ bullshit that Coach has been saying for three years…. grow some balls and make moves.

This right here should never happen.

stats tonight



We had 36% shooting, 15 assists, 18 turnovers and a 52-40 rebounding disadvantage.

These aren’t stats that will win you games.

If your shot isn’t falling, then why the Hell are you not pounding the boards and going hard to the rim?

Yes, some of your shots will be blocked by Indiana when you drive– that’s what they do best. But you have to keep pounding them on the inside. Where is that physically imposing Bulls squad we had the last two years? The ones who played with crazy heart with a 6 man roster in the playoffs last year? The core is still there. Wake the f*ck up!

Shouts out to the Pacers for defending their homecourt; good win for that team as they remain the ONLY unbeaten team in the league. We need to get better to compete with them, STAT.

The Bulls have the Utah Jazz up next on Friday… I expect a 30 point victory for Chicago.




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