Raspberry BBQ Rabbit Tacos

Very cool rabbit recipe.

Yesterday, on my usual run through a couple of local farmer’s markets, I was seeing one of my favourite vegetable growers, August Organics. They not only have amazing vegetables that appear in most of my recipes, but they preserve a lot as well: pickles, jellies and jams. While finishing up gathering my weekly bundle of veggies from them, the main man on the farm handed me a Christmas gift. A half sized jar of their wonderful raspberry jam. I was both taken aback and deeply grateful for their kindness. This is a concrete example of why I shop the way I do. You talk to human beings who have taken great care to bring you the best products possible and appreciate everyone who supports them.

I’m doing more Christmas baking this week and always incorporate their jam anyways in some of it. I was planning on bringing some for them…

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