Update City: The Return of THAT GUY

It’s been a long time, I know. I’m not into making blog promises.

Real life can be a real bear sometimes, so no excuses. I’m happy to be back though.

I won’t lie; it’s been a year of writer’s block. Hopefully this marks the end.

Update City:

I’m married now. Happily. We’ve been together like 4 years and never had a fight. Shows that all that relationship expert shit I talked a while back was absolutely true. It just takes two to make a thing to right… and you know, the girl can’t be insane. (I have a history of falling for crazies.)

5 out of my 7 besties are rocking the marriage card or will be soon. 4 of them to each other!

Well, you know what I mean. 2 couples. One couple got married in October. Another couple is getting married in March. Bestie #5 (in no particular order cause I love equally) is in MO and just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She’s engaged to marry his father soon. #5 is getting married on Saturday, which I’m upset at myself for not being able to afford to go – we’ll get into that in a moment, though. #6 is single BUT she’s in the best shape financially in her entire (single) life and things are now kicking ass for her all around. Love it. I’m totally going to get her married off soon because she’s wife material.

I hate numbering my besties but when you 7 and realistically have like 14 it’s hard to get by. Bottom line everybody who I’m close to gets into a cool relationship. You trying to hook up? Get at me. I’m like a non-fiction Hitch. I don’t even have to consult you. You just hang around me and you end up in love or pregnant. Not to me or course. Remember I’m happily married. It’s probably going to be a recurring theme around these parts moving forward.

By the way, our first anniversary is on July 25th!

I’m still in the hotel industry. I’m a boss. A lowkey boss but still a boss. Titles mean nothing. Money is good, though so I don’t complain. Complaints do nothing without the offer of a potential solution.

THIS would be that solution. Well, not THIS but this as in writing again. Remember that real-life bear we talked about? I’m in full belief that in REAL LIFE it’s impossible to be completely happy as long as you work for someone else. You still have a boss. Somebody else cuts you a check. You have to dress a certain way, be places at certain times and deal with people who you’re not particularly fond of. Plus you have to REQUEST days off.

Why should any reasonable human being need to request to rest a few days and mind their own business?

Business owners don’t do that shit. Only people they answer to is their direct customer. Well, and the IRS. The thing is, when you have your own and you are able to afford it you have the luxury to clear your schedule and say fuck the world for a few days.

Before the drama starts, that has nothing to do with my colleagues. See I actually do LOVE the people I work with. I also love the people I work for. I’m just no longer enamored with busting my ass to get paid a fraction of the percentage of what I actually earn for the company.

Disgruntled? Nah. I’m cool. It’s just time to do me. To do me though, it’s going to take capitol. So until I get that capitol (or win Power Ball) I’ll continue smiling and fighting the good fight in hospitality.

I guess being good at this stuff is natural considering how well I do making other people happy.

I’m also an ordained minister. You like that shit, huh? You can get licensed for all kinds of shit for $40 on the internet. Relationship expert. Minister. Marriage. See where I’m going, here?

I’m totally not passionate about marrying people but it’s a cool side gig. Clients = 0… SO FAR.

Until I find a day job that allows me to work only days, Spatorious – the Day Spa & Café is on the back burner. I mean, I could cook my ass off to feed you and make your toes look really pretty but I need a license to do nail tech shit legally. Unfortunately cosmetology school is one of those things you cannot do online.

Honestly, the food truck is probably going to come before that.

I’ve began to buy supplies for that mobile car wash that I’d been wanting to do FOREVER. That one is already close to reality though, as I have a few clients and am able to actually wash cars. I just don’t have the mobile portion down quite yet. Those tanks are not cheap. Once again, I need capitol. I’m saving.



Fuck it, Paypal me looking ass.

My email is showtorious@gmail.com. You can totally send me money if you’d like. I’ll shout you out in a blog, even!

This brings me back to what brought me to the dance. Blogging…. I haven’t written a piece of poetry in about two years since my mom passed away. I HAVE written down a gang of recipes though.

I also have begun too seriously practice my sports writing and news style recently.

There is also that little idea I have about the insides of the hotel industry. A collaboration of stories, tips and general information to help you get by in this industry.

Think of it as ‘Hotels for Dummies’ – but with actual stories.


To wrap things up on this little update: I’m learning to play the guitar and Mandarin Chinese.

My personal twitter is Showtorious and my cooking one is ChefChi2dope (ChefChi_Official on Instagram) and I’m going to watch Ghostbusters tomorrow.

I don’t care about your opinions on it, either.

Suck it.

Love you.



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