Hey, Shorty. Short Blog, That Is.

Today would have been Mom’s 61st birthday.

I miss her immensely but I no longer battle with the fact that she’s gone. In a better place; pain free and partying with musical, movies and sports legends up there.

I have no worries.

I do have bills though. Lots of fucking bills. I dropped my paypal information in the last update. I was only halfway joking about using it. My power bill is $400 this month though so please help a brother out, shit!

I don’t have a lot to write about today but I promised myself that I’d get back into my groove again, slowly. This means I’ll be posting updates generally with no direction. Like this one.

That said, the last blog I posted barely generated a hit which tells me that a.) It wasn’t good enough, which is a notion I scoff at. b.) Blogs aren’t as popular as they used to be or c.) My audience forgot about me.

I guess I have my work cut out for me. Challenge accepted! I have to make Showtorious Unplugged relevant again. If not relevant, entertaining at least. The dozens and dozens of people who read this page depend on it.

Or not. I’ll get there again though.

My wife is having knee surgery this week so I’m expected to be in the house with her as she recovers, which I’m totally cool with. Antisocial is not a word I use to describe our relationship but it’s going to be a welcome break from the world.

We get to stay home and chill by ourselves, spending quality time without spending money and I can sit here and actually write for hours at a time.

In between that I’ll be hitting the gym pretty hard and coloring in my Deadpool adult coloring book that I picked up over the weekend. I’ll also be coming up with some tremendous new recipes which will appears on ShowtoriouslyHealthy.com, which I just noticed is up for renewal. If any of you bastards squat on my shit I’ll come after you!

Oh wait. You forgot about me; you’re not even checking for my shit (that I own fully copyrights to). NARF —- again, I’m essentially talking to myself right now. Give me a few days to rustle up a bit of a storm.

Thank you.




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