Thoughts on My Health…

Here I go, injured again.

The doctor told me to slow my ass down when it comes to the workout and I listened for a couple months. My knees felt stronger and my overall endurance seemed to be on the upswing. I dropped 21 pounds since June and then I got a little overzealous.

UFC Gym was running a special which came with free week of gym access, personal training and various classes. Being a boxing aficionado I made that my first choice in class.

It was phenomenal. The class was a nice cardio workout with strength training elements and the best part of it all? Throwing combination punches on the heavy bag! That’s what I signed up for, buddy: Throwing hurt bombs like Rocky Balboa!

It was an hour of pure athletic euphoria.

When we finished I spoke with the coach, a professional MMA fighter who consulted me on diet needs as well to follow up in regard to taking more classes. Happy with the product but not so much the price, I advised that I would like to speak to my doctor and insurance company to see  if I could get them to pay for the membership for me, as I am considered medically…ugh, morbidly obese. (Such an ugly term.) Needless to say, my insurance provider would rather send me for gastric sleeve surgery for $3400 out of MY pocket than assist in paying $3200 for a 12 month UFC Gym membership.

So that plan was a no go. I officially can’t afford that gym. I’ll be continuing my routines with the good people at LVAC.

For the next several days my body paid for that hour of athletic euphoria. My sciatica become inflamed due to the added effort I put in during the boxing class and it appeared as if I may have developed a stress fracture in my left ankle. I’m used to limping slightly with my spinal condition but imagine hobbling around in nearly unbearable pain on both sides of your body everywhere you went. It was a struggle even getting out of my car or lying down without severe pain. It was so bad I actually called into work on Thursday last week; a true rarity when it comes to my work ethic.

Today is actually the 11th day since I’ve been able to go to the gym. My sciatica is workable for the most part but I couldn’t risk further damaging my ankle by trying to resume my normal course of cardio. I don’t feel like I gained weight but I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any either. Either way, I’ve become frustrated once again with the way my body is reacting to otherwise just trying to get healthy.

I haven’t spoke publicly about my other medical situation because I felt that it was none of anyone’s business. I also didn’t want to give anyone the idea that I was giving up, which is something I never do. The fact of the matter is though I’ve been exploring the option of having that gastric sleeve surgery done. Only a few of my close friends and my wife had been privy to that information before today.sleeve

It sucks because I didn’t want to go out like that or give up drinking beer but I’m starting to feel like every time I get into a fitness groove and progress is being made my body breaks down somehow. This may be my ultimate way out. I know it’s a viable option and it’s worked for many people including a few of my best friends. I guess deep down I always felt like having the surgery was me giving up. I’m happy for everyone I know who’s had it but I always wanted to be THAT GUY to defy the odds, lose weight naturally, drop a book on the subject, get paid and live happily every after.

My body feels a car that’s paid off and out of warranty. You don’t have a monthly payment but every other month something breaks on it. The transmission is slipping, so you fix that. The alternator needs replacing, so you fix that, etc. In reality that mofo needs to be gutted out and the entire engine replaced to get more life out of it, but you just can’t pull that trigger. You just keep on dealing with the parts until eventually it breaks for good and you’re forced to replace the entire vehicle and PROBABLY pay a damn care note.

Thing is, if my body breaks for good it means that I’m dead.

There is no replacement for my body; this is it. As I approach my 40’s this classic rod just may need a system overhaul. In my case, my fuel intake system would be upgraded into a more sleek, sleeve-like system. I’d have to permanently change the type of fuel I use and never go back to regular level octane ever again.

Get in the zone! Auto Zone. (I had to go there!)

My insurance requires a series of educational courses to be completed before they can grant the proper referral to the surgical center.

  • Three bariatric nutritional courses within a three month period;
  • A psyche-evaluation with a shrink before scheduling the procedure.

I’ve been to the required three bariatric nutrition courses and if I wanted to right now I could drop a $250 copay (eventually paying $3400) and let them cut me by December. I only say December because I have travel plans in October/November and would likely set things up a few days after Christmas.

With the postoperative diet plan and my work ethic in the gym, even at half pace, I would become a beast likely within 6-8 months. I have friends who’ve also had the surgery and they look and feel great after a year and no disrespect to my people but my gym flow is probably 80% stronger than theirs would be currently; and that’s without the help. Imagine if my body was leaning out naturally as is and then I went Super Sayian like I usually do in the gym.

The weight loss would likely eliminate of my sciatic issues as I could finally strengthen my back properly. Though there is no cure for flat feet, not being 300 pounds would decrease the odds of  developing more stress fractures from just going hard in the gym from time to time.

At my last bariatric course I told the nutritionist that I was about 95% certain that I would continue losing weight naturally and skip the surgery. Maybe it’s the frustration of getting hurt again talking but at the moment I’m about 50/50 on the decision. If I don’t do it this year, I would have to start the process over in January, only my insurance requirements would be 6 months of preparation instead of three.

I also no longer feel like if I have the surgery, it’s not me giving up, it’s me calling an audible to improve my way of living. I mean, you can’t live happily every after if I’m dead. So no, it’s NOT giving up. Its accepting a new challenge and moving forward!

The money is there. Like I said, I’m still 50/50. I’m going to lose this weight one way or another… I just have some thinking to do.

In the meantime, I’m scheduling the pre-surgery psyche evaluation for sometime in September.



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