The Hateful Purge


I hate shopping in the big and tall section.

I hate sitting down taking pictures.

I hate standing sideways in pictures.

I hate the fact that I can’t take a picture at any time without cropping to show my just my face.

I hate being the biggest person in those pictures.

I hate it when I’m referred to as the big guy.

I hate that my pants are awkward and are either too big or too small.

I hate that all my clothes need to be altered to fit right.

I hate that I can’t run without injuring myself.

I hate that my body hurts for no good reason.

I hate that I can’t take my shirt off in the pool or at the beach without feeling self-conscious.

Most of all I hate that I waited this long.

Believe it or not all the hate I have in my body is directed to myself. It’s not even mental, either. I love my mind and my personality. My problem is 100% physical.  In fact, once I correct all that is wrong with me, my life may not be perfect (no one’s is) but all I know for sure that I’ll no longer harbor any hate.

I’ll take that. I have a good wife and science by my side. Victory is eminent.


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